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Health Monitor Android Project



Project Overview

Health Monitor Android ProjectHealth monitor is an android project which is responsible to record your daily medical routine and keep informed you on time. It’s the health monitor project by which you can make entry of your daily routine tasks related to health like when you have to take medicine, which medicine and how much. It will act as a notifier by which you can maintain your health even during your timely routine. Using this health monitor, you can also perform various activities like, you can calculate your heart beat rate, blood pressure, body temperature and many more.                                                                                                         Using health monitor android project, you will also able to get the medical analysis report in graphical format. You can look to your health report file by downloading either in the format of PDF or word file. Apart from these activities, you can take its smart doctor help, by which you will able to know, which medicine should be taken for particular health problem in your emergency case.

Proposed System

In our health monitor android project, you have use the technology of sensor and Bluetooth to read your health activity and transfer the particular data to the system to process the data in order to prepare the report. Using this android based health monitor collection, you can save the list of medicines, the day and time you have to take and in what quantity. It will remember your entered information and inform you, so that you can take your medical prescriptions on time.                                                                                                             Our health monitor android project includes a database of medicine which will help you to save in urgent condition, by which you can treat yourself. Its graphical report generation system helps you to take out print copy of your health report, by which you can show to your doctor when needed.


  • It’s an android project which is simple and flexible to use, because of its user friendly graphical interface.
  • Use of wireless gadgets available in your smart phones, to read your health status and transfer the data to smart phones to prepare health report.
  • No need to purchase extra medical apparatus for reading temperatures and heart beat rates. Through this android project, you can know your heart beat rate and body temperature.
  • It’s a smart notifier, which will keep track your medical routine and inform you on time, by which you can see improvements in your health.
  • User friendly report either in statistical format or in bar graph format, by which you can easily analyse your health status.

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