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Java Board Game Android Project with Source



Project Overview

Java Board Game Android ProjectJava board game android project is a multi player platform, where you can play with other player and if not available, you can opt your system to play with you. To make this game handy, it’s been available for android platform. There are multiple games which will be available under one hood, so that users can have choice to play their game and enjoy their session. To make gaming environment enjoy full, all the gaming features has been added to make your interaction easy. There will be no static steps because of using randomize function using the concept of Java.

Existing System

The existing system was performed on specific rules, thus same steps came while playing with game. Each and every users get the same stage, so new tricks by which it fails to create a competitive environment. Another most important problem was that: there was no facility provided, so that other users can join this game and have playing. Gaming module was not divided into different stages and players were only able to check their score after finishing their game. The player board was no designed properly and there was no implementation of timer to end up the game.

Proposed System

Under this java game board android project, users will get the facility to get which type of game, they want to play and having facility to play with other players who are available online. If they are new and don’t want other players to play with, in such case, the system will play with you and its AI technique will track you, so that you do not get same steps while playing. Its random AI will make this gaming environment dynamic by analyzing the movement of players. Each game have to be completed with particular time interval, so for this, we have arranged a timer which will be visible to the player. All other major settings regarding game sound, selecting profile, making your own profile and look has been available under menu. Players will also able to check their current score side by side and the levels which they have scored. For few games, limited life you will get and under which you have to win this game.

Features of this project

  1. Multi player gaming environment has been developed and even play with gamepad.
  2. Using analyser tool, you can take hints and steps which should move to win this game.
  3. You opponent can be the system or the other human player.

 Download Project

Java Board Game Abstract Download Abstract
Java Board Game Source Code Download Source Code

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