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Micro Banking Android project 



Project Overview

Micro Banking Android projectMicro-banking has come up with innovative solutions for the banking sectors. Using our new Micro-banking project, the most exciting section is the platform which has been used during development stage. In this Micro-banking project, we have used Android as the front end and PHP as the back end. Using the Micro-banking solution, users will get all features of banking and they can access their account from any location using their smart phones. The use of database will provide security before making login to the system and retain all your transactions data, so that you can have look on your amount any time whenever you are in need of it.

As every users will have their personal login id and password and during login stage, their authentication will be verified from the server side before making entry to their account. Using Micro-banking features, bank customers will able to check their account balance, know their personal loan status, transfer amount to other accountsand get their transaction details.

Existing System

In the previous Micro-banking system, bank customers were not able to make transfer their amounts to other accounts. In the existing Micro-banking system, users were not able to change their passwords to secure their accounts and limited functionality were provided like check their balance and transaction details. Existing system do not able to provide excellent interface for the client side, so that end users can take full advantage of this banking solution. The concept of security was not used, thus proper authentication system cannot be achieved. To make working environment easier with Micro-banking system, the system has not been divided into different number of modules.

Proposed System

In this newly developed Micro-banking project, the first feature which has been added for both type of users: admin and the bank customers for whom this system has been developed with simple interface. Using our new Micro-banking project, users can easily achieve their required tasks through modules which has been divided into number of sections. Apart from banking solutions, it’s the Micro-banking system which will able to provide additional services like information related to new products, transaction reports, loan status, amount deposit details, amount transfer status and much more. To use this system, you have to request your id and password from the admin and using you online id and password you can take full advantage of this newly developed Micro-banking system.

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