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My Jewellery Android Project



Project Overview

My Jewellery AndroidJewellery android project is basically developed keeping in mind to create an online gallery for particular Jewellery brand or for particular Jewellery shop. Using this android project, users will able to get the product descriptions of particular ornaments. Users can think of it as Jewellery shop, where they can review the various Jewellery products, their designs, prices, types and other services. Using this android Jewellery project, customers will able to locate the shop of particular Jewellery brand through the list available under Jewellery app.

                                       If you are in need to purchase any Jewellery item and you are currently travelling, then it’s the Jewellery app by which you can locate the Jewellery shop at your present place. You can refine your search by using your android phone. It’s the Jewellery app, by which you can visit the shop in virtual manner, can go through the details of each and every products and even compare the price with its competitor’s brand. To express you’re feeling about particular Jewellery product, you can share the particular Jewellery products on social media.

Proposed System

The proposed system will able to provide an online catalogue for various ornaments. Using this, you can check the various ornaments with is made of gold’s, diamonds, silver etc. Apart from all these, the admin of particular Jewellery shop can also make some important updates online like selling on any particular Jewellery products, any new exchange scheme etc. Just like online shopping portal, here the customers will also able to look products using different images, reviews of customers who have purchased particular products earlier.   

                      Every Jewellery products has been categorized in different menu items, so that customers can have eye on such products at their first time. Even customers will also able to purchase Jewellery products based on the economical range. Our Intelligent will able to provide the list of Jewellery products based on the customers entered price range.


  • Excellent graphical interface with proper catalogue facility.
  • To make product accessible to use easily, all products has been divided into different menu items.
  • A close look on every products has been provided before making any purchase.
  • All the details on particular product has been made available, this further information required by the customers.
  • Clear and exact amount figure along with product item number and image has been given, by which customers can easily identify their products while purchasing.

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