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Smart FTP Client Android Project with Source



Project Overview

Smart FTP Client AndroidSmart FTP Client is an android project that will work as Filezilla for transferring files from one system to another or from client to server. Using Smart FTP client, you can connect to multiple server at a time. To connection with server there are several medium: wither through Wi-Fi connection or through hotspot or through particular IP address. There is also a resume facility while uploading files to server and downloading from server to client system. The uploading of resources to the server can be of any type, the system will able to identify it, based on their extension and categorization of files will be made automatically.

Existing System

As the android devices are getting popular day by day, so there’s a need of server or connecting with other clients to access and get their resources. But it wasn’t possible without Filezilla. All we know, Filezilla is used for windows and other OS and need proper learning and experience to use this system. The connection was made through IP address only and no facility to connect with server through hotspot or Wi-Fi. Users were only able to act as client and no chance to for server panel. There was no facility of resuming the ongoing process, so wait till the process not completed.

Proposed System

This system will automatically shows the server which are available to make connect. To connect with particular server, you just have to click on it and upon proper authorization will automatically be connected and able to access their resources. Upon accessing the resources, you can download to your android devices and make various operations on it like: renaming the file, making folders, delete the file, make sorting and search operations, get details of a particular file, grant permission to others to access such resources and many other custom settings. You can even connect to server by giving its name and the password required to connect with it.

Features of this project

  1. Smart FTP client allows you to store the files at your particular location through settings.
  2. You can enable or disable resume feature.
  3. You can search files which are hidden, if permitted through server.
  4. Make customization of visibility and appearance settings.
  5. Search files in desired location and by particular keywords and extension and even by selecting file types.

Download Project

Smart FTP Client Abstract Download Abstract
Smart FTP Client Source Code Download Source

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