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Windows Diagnosis Android Project



Project Overview

Windows Diagnosis AndroidWindows Diagnosis Android project will work similar to the task manager provided by the windows operating system. Using android diagnostic system, users who are using android devices will also able to get information of their hardware and software resources used in their particular android device. It’s the android diagnostic project that lets you know, how much memory your system is occupying for particular work, what’s your current battery power, what are the apps which are not responding and you will also able to know, which installed apps taking extra memory space on your android device.

                              Using Windows Diagnosis Android project, users will able to become a doctor of their own and take respective action on time. Using Windows Diagnosis Android project, you will able to know speed of your device, availability of RAM etc. It’s the system which will provide you muck alike function to that of task manager available on windows.

Proposed System

It’s the android diagnostic project which can be used for system administration purpose. Using this project you will able to know, how much memory takes while running under your system and using the statistical data in graphical format, you can improve the performance of your system. Apart from these, users will also able to get some additional information while using this app on their devices. It’s the project through which, you can get information on any software’s which are installed on your devices, their statistical report and apps running status. Sometimes you need to know the disk space, so that you can make appropriate arrangement before downloading. Using the Windows Diagnosis Android project, you came to know, where the un-necessary space has been taken and what action should be taken at particular time.

Benefits of using Windows Diagnosis Android project

  1. Users will get an option to change the style menu, appearance and their colors.
  2. Users will able to get the statistical report of their system and their activities.
  3. It’s the system which will generate real time usage reports for all the resources which are available under their system.
  4. Using this system, users will able to gain memory space on their android devices, thus eliminating and deleting un-necessary files.
  5. Users will also get the options to close the apps which are running backside and decreasing the overall performance of the system.

Download Project

Windows Diagnosis Android Abstract Download Project

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