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Forensic Management System


Forensic Management System Objective

            Modern science and technology has revolutionised the field of crime solving and has made the process much faster and more reliable. The word Forensic refers to all the science and technology used in the solving of crime. The aim of this Forensic Management System is to manage the large volumes of data that are produced in the process of solving crimes by the application of scientific methods and modern technology.               

Forensic Management SystemWhen creating a new case file the system will be able to store specific information in categories. Such as crime scene photographs, details about any fire arms used, all the fingerprint and DNA evidence, etc. Fingerprint data and DNA data can be sent to the concerned laboratory from this system and the results can be viewed on the same. All detective notes will also have to be entered on this system. In the event that a detective has to cooperate with other departments, this system can be used to easily collaborate on case files, temporary user profiles can be created if the other department does not implement this system. Superiors in the police department generally have to keep tabs on their subordinates and this system will enable this without the need of personally meeting the officer being reviewed. All the details relating to a case will be stored on the system on a regular basis and this can be accessed by users with valid credentials.

            An important feature of this system will be its search feature. Repeat criminals generally repeat their modus operandi and there may be other similarities in cases that can be exploited for quickly solving cases. Since the system forces all case files to be stored in a uniform format it will be easy detectives to search old case files for similarities in cases.

            Security of work and accountability is important to curb corruption in the police force. This system will automatically log all user activity, regardless of officer rank, in a secure read only file. Case files once created by an officer can only be edited by the officers or detectives in charge of the case. In the event of compromised security the system will automatically shut access to its servers and can only be accessed from a central computer at the Police department.

Existing System

            In Police Departments today, paper case files are created for each case. These files are usually kept at the Police station and only one copy is maintained. Access to the file depends on how vigilant the station officers are. Generally inspectors and detectives rely on their memory of peculiar case details to form connections between cases. Different reports are requested from laboratories or other departments and each of these facilities have to courier these sensitive documents, which takes time.

Proposed System

            The proposed Forensic Management System will be able to reduce the paper trail required in the process. Digital files will make the sharing and appending of case files extremely easy. Since access to the system is required to view a case file it becomes very simple to track and regulate access to the case files. Documents from different laboratories regarding analyses can be securely and instantly sent via the internet. This Forensic Management System will augment the crime solving and record keeping abilities of a modern police force.


Admin: The admin can create user profiles and will be able to track user activity. Any attempts to breach the security of the system will automatically lock out the system and notify the admin.

Supervisor: The supervisor module is reserved for the higher officials in the police department. They will be able to view current and past case files and statistics about solving crimes.

Officer: The officer module will be able to create case files and can add information in the same. They will be able to search old case files and order reports from different facilities.

Facility: This module is for facilities such as laboratories and other departments such as the Department of Motor Vehicles to log reports requested by investigating officers.

Guest: The guest profile can be created for officers from other departments who are collaborating on the investigation. They will be able to add data about the case they are investigating but will not be able to access historical case files. Any request for access to old case files will be routed to the profile of Officers they are working with and will have to be approved by them.

Software Requirements

  • Windows XP
  • Apache Tomcat Web Server
  • Oracle

Technology Used

  • Java

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB
  • Keyboard
  • RAM – 1 GB
  • Monitor
  • Processor – Dual Core or Above
  • Printer
  • Mouse

Download Project

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