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Online Exam Suite Project


Project Objective

            This project aims to build an Online Exam Suite that can be used to conduct an exam and present results in the absence of an invigilator.

            Today many tests are conducted for different purposes and most of them are composed of multiple choice questions. Institutions that conduct these tests have the burden of preparing the test, arranging for test halls and invigilators, collecting and grading the answer sheets, and maintaining the integrity of the whole process. This process becomes all the more challenging because of the time it takes to complete each section of the process. This system will eliminate the need for institutions to post invigilators, collect and grade answer sheets, and will keep the whole process secure.

There are two manners in which questions can be posted.

  1. Fixed question set
  2. Unique question sets

The institution can either set a fixed question set for all candidates or they can prepare a question bank from which the system will create a unique question set for each candidate. The generation of a unique question set will be possible due to a randomizing feature in the system.

The test can be conducted with two timing options.

  1. Multiple slot
  2. Single slot

The institution can choose if they want candidates to be able to choose from multiple time slots or whether they want to conduct the test uniformly in a single time frame. Each computer terminal will send the starting time to the server at the start of the test and the server will stop the test at the end of the allotted duration.

There are two ways cheating can be prevented in the test

  1. Speed test
  2. Supervised test

The institution can either create a test with many simple questions, which will require candidates to answer quickly thereby preventing malpractice or they can conduct the test with few tough questions, which will require candidates to spend considerable time on each question. In the second option, video streams can be established using webcams and the feed will be automatically uploaded to the candidate’s test file, this can be referenced if any cheating is alleged.

Online Exam Suite Snapshot

Existing System

            The existing Online Exam Suite system requires the preparation of test halls and the hiring of multiple invigilators for the test. After the test lots of man-hours are spent grading these answer sheets and the results are delayed as a result.

Proposed System

            In the proposed Online Exam Suite system, the institution conducting the test only needs to prepare the test and provide the facility. The invigilation, grading and result announcement will be done promptly at the end of the test. It is important to note that this system is only designed for tests with multiple choice questions


Admin: The admin can create user IDs for each user after the required documents are verified. The admin can also peruse the video streams of individual candidates if any allegations of cheating are raised. The admin will also load the questions, set test parameters and print out results for the institution.

Testing: This is the module where the test is conducted. The candidate will only be able to access controls enabled under the test parameters. A timer will be displayed and the duration will be controlled by the server.

Results: After the testing phase the candidate will be taken to the results module. After the system has verified the result and ensured safe upload of video files, the test result will be displayed at the candidate’s computer terminal. This module will also automatically upload the result to the institution database from where it can be shown on the institution website.

Software Requirements

  • Windows XP
  • Apache Tomcat Web Server
  • Oracle

Technology Used

  • Java

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB
  • RAM – 1 GB
  • Processor – Dual Core or Above
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor
  • Printer

Download Project

 Abstract Download  Download Abstract
 Online Exam Suite Source Code   Download Source Code
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 Online Exam Suite Report  Download Report

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