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Advanced Payroll System

Advanced Payroll System

Project Objectives


          The front end of this project has been developed in java and the back end has been developed in MS Access. Advanced payroll system constitutes functionalities like employee information, generation of pay-slips and tax deduction. It makes use of the salary structure of an employee to generate and manage the generation of the payroll.

            The employee payslip contains information about basic pay, allowances, as well as deductions and the net salary. One can select the employee type and the allowances and deductions that such an employee is entitled to and the payslip is generated on that basis. One can also add a new employee record, or edit or delete an existing one. This Advanced Payroll System can be used to generate the payslip easily by entering the employee code and the month for which the payslip is to be generated. The payslip is then generated according to the designation of the employee automatically. It is easy to use and is a hassle free solution for the maintenance and generation of payslips.

Existing System

In the existing Advanced Payroll System methods for payroll management, the payroll has to be completely made manually. All the calculation if done manually are more prone to error and also time consuming as they may require to be checked and re-checked numerously. Also outsourcing this creates problems like untimely creation of pay checks, and untimely help in case of any errors or problems.

Proposed System

The advanced payroll system deals with all the major disadvantages of the manual and outsourced methods of payroll management. Since the software is in our hands, we can make any changes immediately at any required time and save ourselves a lot of delay and time. All the data is generated automatically through pre-defined data sets. This causes the elimination of any possibility of an error. Also when there is a revision in the pay of any employee only one update can fix the whole process without having to update each and every column of the payslip individually. And since the calculations are done by the computer so there are no chances of error. Any new employee record can be added by using the Add feature. And any changes can be made using the Edit feature. Any record of an employee can be deleted using the Delete feature. Hence it makes the work really easy and hassle-free.

Advanced Payroll System Modules

  1. Add-Employee module:– This module lets us to create a new employee record by providing details like Employee code, designation, first name, last name, address and contact number.
  2. Edit-Employee module:– This module has been designed to aid in the editing of the record of a particular employee.
  3. Delete-Employee module:– To delete the record of any employee, this module was designed.
  4. Employee-Settings module:– This module provide the basic settings namely the type of allowances like DA, HRA, WA and type of deductions like GPF, LT, GIS, PF, LIC that the employee is entitled to.
  5. Employee Payslip module:– This module displays the payslip of the employee including basic details, allowances and deductions the employee is entitled to and the basic pay as well as net salary.

Software Requirements

  • Java Virtual Machine
  • MS Access

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 8 GB.
  • RAM – 1 GB(min).

Technology Used

  • Java

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