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Airstrike System

Project Objective

Airstrike System GameAirstrike is a game designed in Java. The objective is to destroy all the soldiers by placing a bomb in the location, determined by the coordinates of the soldier. The main catch in the game is to figure out the coordinates of the point where the soldier is placed and that can help one to succeed in the game.

            The Airstrike System game has been designed using a Java applet. So the player can play the game in a browser. The instructions for the game have been provided in the index page of the game and the player can start playing the game after going through the instructions by clicking on the link provided on the page. This game has been designed with the objective of providing a freeware game without the use of too much graphics and a light build so that anyone can take pleasure in playing the game without having to be worried about paying for downloading the game and high CPU usage.

Existing System

The existing Airstrike System of this genre make use of a lot of graphics. Most of the games are not freeware and require some amount of money in order to download and play the game. The use of excessive graphics makes them heavy on the run and can cause trouble in the running of the system properly. Also the more the amount of graphics involved the more there is a probability that the game might hang and not run properly

Proposed System

This Airstrike System has been designed without the use of graphics but this does not affect the quality of the game. This game uses simple concept in which the player has to determine the coordinates of the soldier correctly and place a bomb at exactly that coordinate in order to win. The number of bomb available to the player is limited and one has to accomplish this task in the limited number of bombs. Also the less number of bombs are available as one progress in the game.

Airstrike System Modules

  1. Airstrike module:– This module contains the entire game along with its information.
  2. Index module:– This module provides instructions on how to play the game.

Software Requirements

  • JVM

Technology Used

  • Java Applet

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB.
  • RAM required – 1 GB (minimum)

Download Project

Project Abstract Download Abstract
Project Source Code Download Source Code

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