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Cricket Score Board Project


Project Objective

Cricket Score Board

            This Cricket Score Board project aims to make a cricket score board that will update the scores of a match along with commentary as it happens. Cricket being a special part of the lives of many people, there will be many takers for such a system and the ability to follow the match without seeing the video will make it interesting for many. The system can stream video feeds of cricket matches as well as official text commentary of the match. A user who is unable to watch the match, for e.g. for someone who is stuck at office and working on the computer, can easily check the commentary on a regular basis to get updates on what is happening. The Cricket Score Board system will keep posting updated scores and the team line-up during the match.

            The admin will store upcoming match details and ensure that the team information posted is accurate this will help the admin easily load information at the time of the match. Users can post comments during the match that will be visible to all during the match. On the system the commentary will take the centre of the screen, while the user comments will appear along the side and can be viewed if clicked. Users can choose to block comments from another user at any time, if they are abusive or irrelevant. The admin will go through the comments after the match and block any user not following the rules of the system.

            A special feature of the Cricket Score Board system is user generated commentary. Users can create friend groups and can designate a few people who are actually watching the match post commentary. This is a hilarious pastime and users will love hearing about the match from their friends’ perspective. Such commentators can also share real time audio files of the commentary, which can be accessed in lieu of the official commentary when friends stream the match through the system. Friend groups can choose to make their commentary public which will allow others to listen in and enjoy as well.The system will also have a share function which will allow users to share video, audio or commentary from the system via any social media site.

Existing System

            The existing Cricket Score Board system of watching cricket is generally on the television. Most matches are not scheduled on holidays and this will allow people access to the match regardless of their location. Some sites do exist that display text commentary but they are very impersonal.

Proposed System

            The proposed Cricket Score Board system will allow people to stream the video of the match anywhere and read text based commentary as well, while making cricket viewing a social experience by allowing friends to share text and audio commentary. The commentary will be available post the match as well for review.


Admin: The admin will update details of upcoming cricket matches, create and block user accounts. Censoring of comments can be done during or after the match by the admin.

User: This module will allow access to all the consumption features of the system, such as streaming video, listening to official or unofficial commentary, posting comments, viewing scores and cricket statistics, and creating friend groups.

Commentator: This module can be used by any user to create commentary either for their friend groups or for public use. The module will adjust any lag and time itself accurately depending on the video stream. Viewers of the commentary may experience a lag which will depend on internet speed for the user and for the commentator.

Software Requirements

  • Windows XP
  • PHP 5
  • MS SQL Server 2005 Express
  • CSS
  • Apache Server

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB
  • RAM – 1 GB

 Cricket Score Board Download

 Abstract Download  Download Abstract
 Cricket Score Board Source Code  Download Source Code
 Database Download  Download Database

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