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Crime Investigation Management System

Project Objective

Crime Investigation Management SystemThe main aim of Crime Investigation Management System software is to maintain and work upon all the complaints of the common people in various departments. This programmed system works to maintain all the records for managing crime across the city. It is a motion detecting software which keeps an eye on all the activities going on in that particular area.

This Crime Investigation Management System is being used to report all the crimes. Whenever a crime is being suspected or any unwanted activity is suspected than the system will record the activity and saved it as database for further assistance. The system also keep track of all the criminals from their past to present in order to maintained a good environment and so that in future if the criminal do any of the wrong activity than police can use the database which is being already stored in the servers for assisting that criminal activity.

Existing System

In the existing Crime Investigation Management System, no database is being maintained for the past theft or criminal activities and also in various police stations or we can say almost all police stations the criminals who get caught in the past has their database being saved into the files and documents which in future may lead to missing up of any file and were not make able to caught that theft again.

Proposed System

In the proposed Crime Investigation Management System, all the work is done on computer and all the data is being saved in the database server which can assist in future tragedies and theft can be caught easily. The proposed system is highly programmed using technology in which once you entered the data, you can access all the data at once using a single click of the mouse in a couple of seconds. Image comparing and capturing will be an easy task once we start using this software. This software actually helps in keeping away all the criminal activities and thus increasing the good vibes in the environment. Every big and small organization should have this highly integrated software to keep their organization away from any kind of criminal activities.

Crime Investigation Management System Modules

The given software has three kind of modules:

  1. Admin: All the activities which had been recorded into the database or all the motions that had been saved is only visible to the authorized persons or admins of the software. No every common person have the rights to check all the motions, images and all the activities and data that have been recorded into the system database.
  2. Criminal: Criminal details along with their activities or what crime they did is being maintained into a separate module and the admin always keep an eye on the database.
  3. Common people: The software also keep the track on all the details related to the common people so that in future in case any reference is needed than just a simple click will help to solve out all the problems.

Technologies used

  • Visual
  • net
  • Ms SQL Server

Software Requirements

  • DBMS Software
  • Visual
  • Windows XP

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB
  • RAM – 1 GB
  • Processor – Dual Core or Above
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor
  • Printer

Download Project

Project Abstract Download   Download Abstract
 Client Code  Download Client Code
 Server Code  Download Server Code

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