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Datamart Management System

Project Objective

The Data mart Management system is a highly programmed software whose task is to maintain and keep track of all the records of the goods that are available in stock or is not available too in an inventory management system.

As we all know, Inventory is basically a place where all the retail things and various goods and items are stored and maintained and is sell to the buyers. When a good is sell, all the details like to which retailer the good is being selling or which item and how many in quantity and at what prices are being it is selling. All the details is being managed in the data mart system.

Existing System

In existing system of the data mart management, managing the information is actually not an easy task because the information and of course, the data which is being available in a very big quantity is being maintained by humans only as they have to jot down all the data in to documents.

This process not only take time but also this process is very hard and difficult to maintain because one calculation can leads up to a very huge loss. Not only this, if any single document is lost, then also there will be a big problem for the inventory.

Proposed System

So far, thus we have proposed such a system in which one needs to enter all the details into the computer and then all the collection of details and inventory will get saved automatically. In fact the calculations does not required any manual work. You just need to have enter the amount and the quantity, and as per the program everything will get calculated in just a single minute and will automatically get saved into the database server. In case, if one copy of the data is being lost, then due to this highly programmed software, the backup of all the data is being available into the server from where, the authorized person can get access to the lost data once again.

Datamart Management System Snapshot


Datamart Management System Modules

Basically, the data mart management software has five module’s which are:

  1. Maintenance: Maintaining all the data and information is included in this module and only staff members and the relevant authorized persons can do this.
  2. Reports: Designing up of reports of the buy, sell or in stock or stock products as well as who buy it and who sell it is kept under this module.
  3. Billing: Generating automatic bills for all the products and all the extra charges which have been payed in maintaining the inventory system is kept under this module.
  4. Shipment: All the shipment details such as which item is to be shipped, where to be shipped and at what time and through which medium, what is the amount to be collected after shipping are some of the information which is placed up in this module.
  5. Receiving: Which item is received and in what quantity and are the product that are received are good in quality or not, did the payment for such products is proceed by the company or not are some of the points which have been included in this module.

Software Requirements

  • Web Server.
  • Web Browser
  • DBMS Software (Oracle)
  • Java Eclipse 5.0 Editor

Technology Used

  • Java
  • J2EE

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB.
  • RAM – 1 GB.
  • Processor – Dual Core or Above.

Download Project 

Project Abstract Download Download Abstract
Project Source Download Download Source Code
Project Database Download Download Database
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