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Employee Leave Management System 


Employee Leave Management System

Project Objective

This is a web based online Employee Leave Management System which aimed at keeping the track of attendances of employees for either any organization or for any office or colleges or any big or small firm. This integrated software is being developed in Asp. Net technology and all the database with back up even will be stored in the server.

This .net programmed software is very useful because it is automated and it itself generated reports for the presence and absence of the registered employee. This software is very useful for the organizations who need to keep tracks of every single aspect of their employees. Many firms used this software because it reduce their responsibility of manually taking attendance of each and every employee or to keep an eye whether the employee is present or not because this software do it very easily.

Existing System

In the existing Employee Leave Management System, in almost every organization and firm, whenever an employee enters into the office, he/she has to either mark the attendance by themselves or else the manager came and take attendance which sometimes leads to extra attendance or short attendance as well as it is very time consuming too. In the existing system, the chances of losing the records is also very much.

Proposed System

In the new proposed Employee Leave Management System all the data is being maintained into the server as well regular updation will also takes place. In case, if there is some holiday, then the data is being updated automatically under well-defined graphical user interface and thus this software also makes the work load less for the department and management class as well as make easy access to the information for the authorized persons.

Employee Leave Management System Modules

Modules for this system includes

  1. Administrator: The job of administrator is to add all the details about the employees along with their name and register those employees so that every day attendance will be marked in front of their names in the database only. Also administrator can access to what are and how much leaves the employee is taking and also the reason behind their leaves can only be access by the administrators only.
  2. Employee: Keeping the records of all the employees present in the department as well their information including personal information and official information as well. Also how much leaves they had already taken and how much of official leaves are left and what kind of leaves they are taking and from which date to which date are they on leave and all the relevant details related to the employees is being marked up into this module.
  3. Reports: This module includes all the reports that have been generated by the system about all the employees in personal like how much leave they had taken and their working status and every other aspect in which they work in that particular organization.

Technologies used

  • Visual
  • .Net
  • Sql server 2005

Software Requirements

  • DBMS Software
  • Visual
  • Windows XP

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB.
  • RAM – 1 GB.
  • Printer
  • Mouse
  • Processor – Dual Core or Above.
  • Keyboard

Download Project

Project Abstract Download   Download Abstract
Project Source Download  Download Source Code
Project Database Download  Download Database

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