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ISP Automation System

Project Objective

ISP Automation SystemAs it is very well known that ISP is Internet Service Provider which works as a link between many computer networks. The main objective behind developing this software is to automate the intermediate path between where all the complaints and queries by the customers can be collected and maintained. The aim of this ISP Automation software is to automate all the processes and to check out all the errors that occur while working of all the servers and transfer those errors to the relevant department to work on them.

This ISP Automation System basically contains two parts in which one part is the connectivity part and other is the section which deals with the placing of all the web pages in the server. The connectivity part of the software deals with the requests that are placed by the customers and maintaining the query and complaint section for the customers.

Existing System

In the existing ISP Automation system software, there is no right interface for communication between the server and the Internet Service Provider and even finding out the right IP (Internet Protocol) Address for the page which is requested by the user is a difficult task. When the server decline any of the request by the user, than in the existing system there is no proper way to show it to the subscriber. Fetching error is also a difficult task in the existing system.

Proposed System

This new highly programmed software of ISP Automation System is able to make communication best fit between the server and the ISP. The new system will be able to identify the right IP Address and even is able to fetch the right error, with detailed report about the error being forwarded to the relevant desk. When the server decline any of the request by the user, then first the software try to troubleshoot the problem or in case if it does not, then system sends the right and proper message of error to the user.

ISP Automation System Modules

  1. SERVICE MODULE: This module takes care of all the sections which is responsible for solving all the issues and problems related to the working of the system and the satisfaction of the clients.
  2. HARDWARE & SOFTWARE MODULE: This module takes care of all the problems related to hardware and software working of the software program.
  3. CONNECTION MODULE: This module is responsible for the regular communication between the server of the same network and other servers. It also works in the stream of checking the IP address.
  4. USER LOGIN MODULE: This module is being handled by the authorized users only and each person who has authority to login through this panel assign different task to perform and to make sure the overall system software programs well to satisfy all the customers need.

Software Requirements

  • Web Server.
  • DBMS Software.

Technology Used

  • Java
  • J2EE

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB.
  • RAM – 1 GB.
  • Processor – Dual Core or Above.
  • Mouse.
  • Keyboard.
  • Monitor.
  • Printer.

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