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Life Insurance Management System 

Project Objective

Insurance Software & Insurance Management SoftwareThis Life Insurance Management System project is the web based application software programmed using Java Technology. It manages the activities related to insurance of the people. All the information and data catch up which providing any insurance policy to any company, any human being or any other product such as vehicles, buildings etc can be saved in to the database for which oracle is used as a backend. Later on, the insurance holder for any product or insurance holder customers can view the details also using their login details. For rest of the users, the information of each other will keep confidential.

The software is not limited up to providing insurance details of their customers but this project also works dynamically by providing various guideline tools for special insurance policies, schemes, terms and conditions, how to register and get extra benefits and all other details.

This software is designed keeping in mind to make it one of the best automation system for keeping all the tracks of the details of their customers and for providing best services to them so that they can generate best revenues for themselves by putting up insurance which is best suited to them.

Existing System

In the existing Life Insurance Management System, the work is done by hand. All the details for the insurance such as cash information or age related important information was collected into the hard copy and by chance if any of the document get missed up or get harmed then whole of the information will be missed, resulted into the major loss for the user.

Also adding all the details manually will take a lot of time and also a lot more chances of entering the information wrong. And also sending details from one place to another will not be any task because in case while sending one important document from one place to another, it get lost, then also it will proved to a great loss both for the user as well as for the organization.

Proposed System

In the proposed Life Insurance Management System, all the work will be digitalized and is done via computers and internet. All the details regarding the insurance holder and schemes will be added via computer and the information data is being saved in servers. Backup should be there in case if by chance any of the information will be lost.

Time consume will be reduced and users will get any easy way to access their insurance related information and new upcoming schemes. Users just have to click on the button and just have to wait for some moments and they get an easy access to their information.

Life Insurance Management System Modules

ADMIN: It takes care of all the web based activities and only provide access to the users who are registered already and for rest, they need to register first.

AGENT: This module provides the users with the information regarding the policies and schemes and brings new clients and customers to the organization.

CUSTOMER: This module is based on the users. This is the main source for working of this system and how the customer act as a source of revenue for the company and how user can get all the details and insurance can be fetched in this module.

Software Requirements

  • Web Server Apache Tomcat 5.5.
  • Oracle
  • Editor MyEclipse IDE 5.0

Technology Used

  • Java
  • J2EE

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB.
  • RAM – 1 GB.
  • Processor – Dual Core or Above.

Download Project

Project Abstract Download Download Abstract
Project Source Code Download Download Source Code
Project Database Download Download Database


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