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Pong Game


Project Objectives


            This Pong Game Java Project game has been designed using Java Applet. It has single player as well as double player option. It provides users a new experience that is different from the usual pong games available. It is a freeware game so users need not pay any amount to play it.

            As we all know, a pong game consists of two pads on both sides and a ball, and the player has to make sure that he hits the ball with the pad without missing it to win the game and score more. This Pong Game Java Project introduces some additional features that takes the difficulty to the next level by introducing more random bricks here and there on the game board and there are multiple balls as well. The player can control the number of balls and the number of bricks present in a level. There is a background score as well in the game.

Pong Game Java Project

Existing System

The existing Pong Game Java Project system of the game usually has only one player option. The game is monotonous as the there is only a single ball that has to be alternated between the opposite sides of the screen without letting the ball miss hitting the pad. There is nothing new in the levels and this makes it boring and easy to win. The only tough part in those systems is to control the ball speed. There are no hurdles in between to create difficulty.

Proposed System

This Pong Game Java Project system has a single user and multi-user option (maximum two users). Each level has multiple blocks to create obstructions and multiple balls to take the difficulty to the next level. One can change the number of blocks and the number of balls to be present in each level. The game has intriguing background music. This game is different from the usual pong games that are available online and is much more interesting to play. Moreover, it is freeware and can be played by anyone and everyone alike.

Pong Game Java Project Modules

  1. Pong module:– This module complies and runs the game as a single element. This is the main running module.
  2. Brick module:– This module controls the placement positions of the bricks and the number of bricks.
  3. Ball module:– This module controls the movement of the balls as well as the number of balls.

Software Requirements

  • JVM

Technology Used

  • Java

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB.
  • RAM – 512 MB.
  • Processor – Dual Core or Above.

Pong Game Java Project Download 

Project Abstract Download Abstract
Project Source Code Download Source Code

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