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Bug Tracking System

Project Abstract

Bug Tracking SystemBug Tracking System must be in place for every infrastructure we design. Software is no exception to this. This application which will be implemented on Java platform is designed to track the status of bugs that are reported during Software testing.

Existing system

The bugs that are identified by tester in software testing phase are reported to Project Manager and developer through simple shared lists and emails. Most of the companies share this information through document called “Defect report”. This procedure is error prone and there is ample chance of leaving some bugs unfixed and ignored as there is no particular tracking system in place. The team involved in the software development life cycle must be aware of the status of each and every bug reported.  The existing system fails to fulfill this requirement thus it affects productivity and accountability of every member of team.

Proposed system

Bug tracking system is essentially and effectively implemented to monitor the status of bugs in an application. All the bugs that are identified are stored in a database. Each bug is assigned with an unique bug id and respective status of bug. Bugs can be created and updated with ease. Specific user accounts to control the access and maintain security are incorporated into the application.

Bug tracking system which is implemented on Java provides an overview on standards of coding of the developers involved. Employee accountability can be tracked and analyzed on daily basis by using report generation option.

This web-based business application is a great tool for assigning and tracking issues and tasks during software development and any other projects that involve teams of two or more people.

Bug Tracking System Modules

This application is divided into following modules:

  • Project Manager/Admin
  • Developer
  • Tester

Module Description

Project Manager/Admin

  • Admin can add new user or can update the details of the existing user
  • Creates the project and assigns them to the employees for completing
  • Analyzing the project progress assigned to particular employee
  • Adding bug types, severity and status
  • Maintaining Project details, developer details and tester details.


  • View list of assigned projects
  • Responsible for bug status updation
  • Reset and edit his information like passwords


  • View list of  assigned projects
  • Add bug details
  • View Bug status

Minimum Software Requirements

  • Operating system : Windows XP /2003 or Linux or Solaris
  • Programming Language : Java
  • Web Applications : JDBC, JNDI, Servlets, JSP
  • Database : Oracle/Access
  • Server Deployment :  RetHat JBoss AS
  • Client-side Scripting : JavaScript
  • IDE/Workbench : Eclipse with MyEclipse Plug-in
  • User Interface : HTML, CSS

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Processor : Pentium IV or higher
  • Hard Disk : 40 GB minimum
  • RAM : 256MB or above

Download Project

Project Abstract Download Abstract
Project Code Download Source Code
Project Database Download Database

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