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Bus Booking System

Bus Booking System

Project Abstract

Travel industry is evolving day to day. As the industry evolves the need to digitalize all the transactions becomes need of the hour. This project which is implemented on Java platform helps to manage bus scheduling and bookings. This Bus Booking System is a easily deployable, integrated end-to-end system starting from searching bus routes to book them.

Existing System

The existing Bus Booking System is not completely computerized. The customer has to visit any booking branch if he wants to book a ticket. Bus scheduling, ticket booking, bill generation and many other operations are done manually. This may lead to incorrect entries and there is a lot of room for errors as the data is not completely synced. The availability of seats is not centrally maintained and the travel operator is not fully aware of the availability and occupancy of the seats in his buses. This is the major bottle neck.

Proposed System

Bus Booking System is a web based application which is connected to a complete database. The database includes information about buses, no. of seats available, occupancy, availability, days and time of operation, no. of buses  from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’, Price ranges, automated report and bill generation etc.

The database is updated time to time and a user can reserve his ticket from any part of the world and any time.

The application gives utmost importance to security and usability.

Bus Booking System Modules

This application is divided into following modules

  • Admin Module
  • Bookings and cancellation Module
  • Users Module

Module Description 

Admin Module

This module deals with addition and deletion of routes, buses available, pick up points, dropping points, bus codes, passenger details and bus details. He has the complete control over the application. Only admin can perform these functionalities.

Bookings and Cancellation Module

The following functionalities are included in this module

  • Search routes
  • Select bus
  • Select seats and pick up points
  • Provide information and payment gateway
  • Print booked ticket
  • Cancel the ticket
  • User suggestions/complaints

Minimum Software Requirements

  • Front end                 : J2SDK 1.6.
  • Database package    : Oracle 10g.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Processor                          : Pentium IV or higher
  • RAM                                 : 512 MB minimum
  • Hard Disk                          : 40 GB

Download Bus Booking System

Project Abstract Download Abstract
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