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Colleges Enrolment System

Project Abstract

Colleges Enrolment SystemCollege Enrollment System is a well designed application to manage student Enrollments and to record various activities related to students.

Existing System

The Existing Colleges Enrollment System involves manual entry of student data during admission. The existing system has text based interface like MS Excel which doesn’t support multi user environment. This acts as major setback whenever the data has to be shared among multiple users. Lack of security grants access to anybody. In the existing system summarized reports cannot be generated. The college Enrollment system eliminates all these limitations by completely digitizing the whole process.

Proposed System

The primary objective of this application is to completely digitalize the existing manual system. As each and every activity is captured on line the response time increases thus increasing the throughput.

This application effectively increases the accuracy of the operations. The user friendly interface increases the ease with which operations are carried out. It is simple to use.

Colleges Enrollment System Modules

College Enrollment system has the following modules

  • Admin/Staff
  • Student

Modules Description

System Admin/Staff

  • Administrators will facilitate and instruct the students for registration.
  • The application will only function as enrolment system and does not facilitate payment transactions.
  • Permission to Edit student data
  • List different courses and specify eligibility requirements for various courses
  • Verification of student details. If all criteria are met, student is enrolled otherwise the enrolment is cancelled or rechecked.


  • He should submit all the required data in order to qualify
  • Students are expected to fill up all required information in the enrolment form provided by the system.
  • Students shall be given the privilege to choose their desired courses given by the system.
  • Students are not allowed to enrol for a course that has a higher level than their present year level.
  • Courses have pre-requisites which need to be fulfilled.
  • After registration, students should proceed to the cashier for enrolment payment. Only after the fee is paid the admission is guaranteed.

Hard Ware Requirements

  • Processor     : Intel Pentium II or above
  • Ram             : 512 MB minimum
  • Hard disk     : 10 GB minimum

Software Requirements

  • Technology  :  Core Java   
  • Language : Java
  • Back End : Microsoft Access Driver (mdb)

Download Project

Project Abstract   Download Abstract
Project Code   Download Source Code

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