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Cricket Game Java Project

Project Abstract

Cricket GameCricket Game project is implemented to share cricket related data among the lovers of this gentle man game. Complete information about the countries that play cricket, its players and other statistical reports can be accessed using this application. All the data and statistics related to Cricket will be just a click away through this application.

Existing System

As of now, there are many websites that facilitate data regarding matches and cricketers. This application adds some additional features to the existing game and can be customized according to the wish of the client. This application is cost effective and designed with a beautiful and elegant graphical user interface.

Proposed System

Proposed system includes a complete database with information related to countries, players, new matches and match reports. User can view match wise details, cricketer’s achievements, list of players their rank wise using this application. We can also view various sub category of rankings like top 10 batsman, top 10 bowlers, their best strike rate and best innings of the career etc.


This project is divided into the following modules:

  • Add/Delete Country
  • Add/ Delete Player
  • List players Country wise
  • New match details
  • ICC rankings
  • Match reports
  • Player Reports
  • View Player data

Module Description

  • Add/Delete Country– This module allows the user to add a new country to the database or a delete a country.
  • Add/ Delete Player– Players addition or deletion is facilitated using this module.
  • List players Country wise– Sorts and displays the players country wise.
  • New match details– Any new match details can be added and viewed through this module.
  • ICC rankings– Players are displayed ICC rankings wise.
  • Match reports– Match summary reports can be generated with the help of this module.
  • Player Reports– Player wise reports can be viewed
  • View Player data– All the data related to player like no. of centuries, no. of wickets taken, matches played, age, best innings, worst innings, their likes and dislikes other than cricket etc can be viewed here.

Hard Ware Requirements

  • Ram             : minimum 512 MB
  • Processor     : Pentium 1V or higher
  • Hard disk     : 10GB minimum
  • Cache          : 512MB

Software Requirements

  • Technology : Java     
  • Front End: Java
  • Back End: Microsoft Access Driver.

Download Project

Project Abstract Download Abstract
Project Code Download Source Code

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