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Email Program System

Project Abstract

Email Program SystemEmail program system is to simulate the existing email system. Its purpose is to send and receive electronic mails (e-mails). This project is developed using JAVA and few APIs of Java. In addition to JAVA and its API, networking and sockets like POP3 and SMTP are used.

Existing System

The existing system has two mail server’s one at sender side and another at recipient side. The sender’s device is connected to server at sender side, which collects the mail from sender, processes and forwards it to the server at recipient side. The recipient server processes the received mails, sorts them and sends to receiver device.  Mailing services like Yahoo, Gmail and hotmail uses HTTP 80 port for communication which is not suitable for sharing confidential messages as messages can be hacked easily.

Proposed System

The proposed system uses JAVA coding to send the mails. It securely transmits the mail between sender and receiver. The cost of system design is too less when compared to conventional email services. Over all, Email program system is cost effective and doesn’t compromise on security.


  • Server Module
  • Client Module
  • Email Inbox Module

Module Description

  1. Server Module: It accepts the connection from different clients using server socket class. All the details regarding client connection like establishment, sending, receiving and termination of connection are stored in the server. Server is designed in such a way that it is reliable, available and accessible by all the authenticated clients in the network.
  2. Client Module: When the server is active client can connect to the server and each client can send or receive mails or share attachments with other clients. Client’s user name and passwords are stored in data files. Communication between clients is facilitated via server.
  3. Email Inbox Module: This module handles all the functions related to mailing like forwarding, view attachment, save attachment.

Software Requirements

  • Software: Java SDK 2, Net-Beans 6.0
  • Operating System: Windows XP or  Linux

Hardware Requirements

  • No of Systems : 2 – Client & Server
  • Processor : Pentium 4 or higher
  • Network : Standard Wired/Wireless network with either Ad-hoc or infrastructure mode
  • RAM  : 512 MB minimum
  • Hard Disk : 40 GB minimum

Download Project

Project Abstract Download Abstract
Project Source Code Download Source Code

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