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Employee Information and Payroll System


Project Abstract

Employee information and payroll system is aimed at efficient management of employee information, emoluments, expenses, net payouts, tax calculations etc. This application is implemented using Java and MS access. All the employee data is stored in a centralized database. Pay slips are generated at the comfort of a single mouse click. 

Existing System

In the existing system organizations manage their employee payrolls manually. Payroll calculation is error prone as there is no system to keep track of leaves taken by certain employee. This process is time consuming as payroll should be calculated for each and every employee manually. Thus the existing system decreases the efficiency of the organization. 

Proposed System 

This application is designed to replace the existing system so as to increase the efficiency of an organization. Employee details are saved to the database and each employee salary is calculated depending on his working days. Other emoluments and expenses are also calculated automatically and pay slips can be generated for all the employees at a time. Customized reports can be generated for analysing the work pay patterns. 


Employee Information and Payroll System Modules

  • Employee Data
  • Workdays
  • Pay slip generation
  • Report Generation
  • Help

Module Description


Admin has to login to access the features of application. Admin can view and update his data. He can reset the password as well.

Employee Data

Employees of the company are identified using a unique employee id. Employee data like name, age, salary structure are all saved to database as soon as an employee is joined.


Admin has the complete control on the application. Admin is usually HR of an organization. At the end of the month, admin adds the no. of working days to generate pay slips.

Pay Slip Generation

Admin generates pay slip for all employees. Salaries are calculated automatically based on the pre-fixed salary structures.

Report Generation

Reports can be generated employee wise, month wise and year wise.


This module includes instructions to use and information about the application.

Software Requirements

  • Database: MS-Access
  • Language: Java

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor: Intel dual core or higher
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM.
  • Hard Disk: 20 GB

Download Project

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