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Video Streaming Project in PHP


Video Streaming ProjectThis video streaming project in PHP is very unique and different in its approach when compared to the existing projects in the video-streaming segment. The project will be built across different software but with front end as PHP and would involve the teamwork of the entire development team. The software used and the project is meant to be completely user-friendly to help garner more users into the platform. We have seen a lot of success in the recent times in the video streaming segment with the advent of YouTube and our project is targeted to ride on the current trend to reap benefits while meeting the customer’s needs.  

While this project is being built across different development areas, the primary features included are uploading videos by users, sharing of videos through social media and viewing of videos uploaded by others. The videos can also be downloaded, edited and uploaded online again. The project has different modules in the development work, which are divided among administrators, users, web registrations and search option. Being an online platform, it provides the flexibility of working on the project from remote locations with proper access codes. Some additional features which have been added to make the project more interactive are: Uploading and sharing videos using embedded links, Setting up channels to categorize videos, broadcasting events/ meetings using invitation links and setting up advertisement avenues to gain income.

Existing System

The existing system does not have the option to broadcast events or meetings by sending invitation links. In order for any person to view a particular event, the event has to be recorded completely and uploaded on to the website and then the link can be shared.  Thus there was no possibility for remote and live viewing of events, which are happening in corporate environments. The chances for organizing live training and webcasts across different locations were also limited because of these limitations. Hence, most importantly, the clients cannot be sustained because they will not be willing to go in for a subscription for a recorded event while if the videos are streamed live, the corporates will be interested in taking up subscriptions and adding to the stream of revenue.

Proposed System

The new video streaming system will have all the functionalities to broadcast live events and meetings online. The corporate can just login to our website and register for an event slot post which confirmation mail will be sent. The corporate can then forward the invitation to all the participants from their registered ID. The participant will get an automatic notification when the video is ready to start broadcasting from the corporate end. Subscription fees will be charged to organize such programs on a monthly basis, which will generate revenue on a regular basis. In addition, Advertisements can be displayed at the bottom of the broadcast, which will garner additional revenue for the website.


  1. Upload module: -To upload videos without live broadcast and to view them using embedded links
  2. Broadcast module: -Using this feature, you can have live broadcast of the corporate events by just specifying the link for the broadcast issue.
  3. Subscription module: – To subscribe for monthly or daily slots for training programs to be held across different locations online.
  4. Channel module: -To categorize uploaded videos according to user preferences in different modules.

Software Requirements

  • Front End- PHP
  • Back End- MySQL Server

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB.
  • RAM – 1 GB.
  • Processor – Dual Core or Above.
  • Mouse.

Download Project

Abstract Download  Download Abstract
Code Download  Download Source Code

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