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College Management System PHP

College Management System


The main objective of the College Management System PHP is not only to develop a computerized college management system so that all the functionalities of the college is automated, but also to provide full functional report to the top management of the college with all details as regards any aspect related with the college. College Management System PHP is being designed by highly professionalized team and thus it has many features added such as every section has its own database, students have login access to through students panel and many more. The system aims at bringing the best way of management in the various forms of college management system. The College Management System PHP will manage all the tasks related to students and employees and reduce time taken in searching of students.

Existing System

In the existing College Management System PHP, no database is maintained as regards admission, enrolment, and pass outs students of various departments. Also no database is maintained for employee payroll, retirement and other benefits. All the documents are in papers and kept in files. This eats up much time in preparing the documents and also searching relevant documents from the heap of files take up valuable time of the employees. In existing College Management System PHP, there are many more flaws apart from it too, such as data files can be lost when the management keep track of all the activities into files and many more.

Proposed system

The software is prepared by programming language PHP and MySQL database. The software will manage all the functionalities of the college and promote the college among the student fraternities all over the world. The software is on one hand error free and use friendly and on the other hand will reduce consumption of paper, time, and power that is to say it will reduce costs to a great extent. The site opens with a home page that gives introduction of the college. There are courses tab describing different courses offered, fees tab displaying fee structure.

System specifications

College Management System PHP Modules

The system has the following modules
1. Admin: All the activities are visible only by authorized persons or admins of the software. They can access it any time and can change it anytime. They have the access to add and remove various features to the system as well. Admin have their own panels too.
2. Students: All the details about the existing students. Students can see their details such as their results, attendances, marks in mid terms and many more. They have their separate panel and through their roll numbers and passwords, they were able to login into their respective panels in order to check their details.
3. Faculty: Details about the faculty. Faculty have their own panel where they can update their profile and details which can be seen by all other people who access the website.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor Pentium III 866 MHz
  • RAM 128 MD SD EAM
  • Monitor 15 inch color
  • Hard disk 20 GB
  • Floppy drive 1.44 MB
  • CD drive LG 52X
  • Key board Standard 102 keys
  • Mouse 3 buttons

Software configuration

  • Operating system Windows XP Professional
  • Environment Visual studio NET 2005
  • Language Visual basic NET
  • Backend SQL

Technologies used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL Server

Download Project

Abstract Download Download Abstract
Source Download Download Source Code
Database Download Download Database

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