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Bluetooth Chat Android Project



Bluetooth Chat Android ProjectThis Bluetooth Chat Android system project can be installed into various pc’s and other devices and can be used to send files from node of the system to another node of the system. The files or data contained in the files can be sent in the form of bits and frames format. The user just have to make his/her account and he/she will get a user id and password by which he/she can login into the device and send to another device via the user details of the next account. Two devices can communicate via each other using this project of Android Bluetooth Chat.

Existing System

In existing Bluetooth Chat Android system, you have to first set up the connection via wires and all and then you can share your details or other information with each other. Existing Bluetooth Chat Android system has many drawbacks such as you have to first carry forward all the user id and other details to connect your device with other and also sometimes connection in between breakdown due to internet speed which also leads to the disabling of sharing of files from one device system to another device system.

Proposed System

In the proposed Bluetooth Chat Android system, the sending up of all the text and documents can be done via Bluetooth and it does not require internet connection. Proposed system saves a lot of time and efforts for making connections via internet as well.
Proposed system is far a lot better because in proposed system, there is no chance of losing information, data or and file or document due to losing up of internet connection.

Bluetooth Chat Android Modules

The given are the modules for the android Bluetooth chat system:
1.) Sender Module: This is the module for the sender who wish to send his or her documents or any other relevant information. This module is designed basically for sending up of the text.
2.) Receiver Module: This module is for the receiver who is receiving information or documents from the sender.
3.) Document Receiver Module: In this module, all the text which is to be shared is kept. This module is of great importance.
4.) Admin Module: If the text contains un-appropriate content than the admin have the whole right of banning the content or cancelling the sharing of files or documentation from the system.
5.) User Module: This module contains all the accounts and login system for both the senders and the receivers.

Technologies used in the android multilayer pattern locking project

  • Java (Core and advance)
  • Basic4Android
  • Kivy
  • SQL
  • Ms sql server
  • Android

Software Requirements

  • Android software development kit 
  • Notepad
  • Netbeans
  • Android debug bridge
  • Windows XP
  • Java Development Kit (JDK)

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB.
  • RAM – 1 GB.
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor
  • Printer
  • Processor – Dual Core or Above.
  • Mouse/joystick

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