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College Document Sharing Android Project



College Document SharingThe College Document Sharing project is to share the data between the college faculty and the students. The system consists of individual login to faculty and students. The faculty can upload the notifications, e-notes, syllabus, timetable and any other important information through the faculty login.

This College Document Sharing project will work on android operating system and will be a great system for sharing the information between the documents. Student Faculty Document Sharing Android Project is based upon java technology. This project is designed for the sake of reducing efforts between both the students and the faculty.

Existing System

Only registered users can access the College Document Sharing system. The user cannot view or add any information in the system when the server is down. The students can view only the data related to the particular semester. The remaining data is hidden to them.

Also, at some organization even the above mentioned existing system is not even exist and faculty and students share the information or documents via papers and files only, which may sometimes lead to loss of any documents or important information too.

Proposed System

The server allows the faculty to upload the data and the students can opt to download the required documents through the Android device. The faculty can upload or modify the documents to any semester as desired.

The proposed College Document Sharing system is worked on the server and all the files and documents are uploaded in the server. The students just need to add their account into the android project and then they can surf each and every detail related to the document very easily. Proposed system saves a lot of time of both the students and faculty members.

College Document Sharing Modules

College Document Sharing Android Project involves the following modules:

1.) Student Module: This module is designed for students. In this module, students can get registered themselves via making new accounts and can share their views and documents through this module.
2.) Faculty Module: This module is exclusively works for the faculty members of the organization and faculty can upload important documents in this module which the students can then download very easily. Faculty can upload or share documents using this system to a particular group of students on some particular interest and choice basis.
3.) Admin Module: Admin do take care of all the uploading and de-uploading related techniques through this module. Admin can have the rights to access both the profiles of the faculty members and the students account simultaneously without any need of password or user ID.
4.) Document Module: All the documents which are uploaded can be saved in this module. And the updates will be send to all the students and the faculty member into their mobiles whenever a new document is being uploaded on to the server.

Technologies used in the android student faculty document sharing project

  • Java
  • Android
  • Basic4Android
  • SQL
  • Kivy
  • Ms SQL Server

Software Requirements

  • Andorid software development kit (SDK)
  • Windows XP
  • Java Development Kit (JDK)
  • Notepad
  • Android debug bridge


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