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AI Diet Consultant Android Project


AI Diet Consultant Overview

AI Diet ConsultantJust similar to a human dietitian, this system based on android operating system will also act like your device dietitian. When you go to a doctor of nutrition, than she will ask you your personal details related to body and health such as your age, your height, your weight and how much water do you consumer in a day and how much walk to do take regularly and how much work do you do regularly.

Just similar to this doctor, this artificial intelligent diet consultant also ask you similar questions in your device and you have to answer all those questions and then this AI Diet Consultant will also advice you about what should you intake in your diet and what should you ignore in order to keep yourself healthy via your diet.
Existing System

In the existing AI Diet Consultant system, you have to hire a dietitian in order to get advice. Hiring a nutrition doctor will not only waste your time and efforts for calling them, going to them and so on but also cost you very high as their charges per month are very high. The moment will also arrives when they will not available for you and you have to search for some other dietitian urgently.
Proposed System

In this proposed AI Diet Consultant system of android artificial intelligence diet consultant, using the technique of artificial intelligence, you will get access to all the facilities via this application, which is actually provided by a human dietitian. The main advantage of using this standalone AI Diet Consultant application is that the time required by the people to travel to the dietitian will be reduced and also it reduces the cost of hiring dietitians for some particular purpose.
Also, this AI Diet Consultant application offers more than one diet plan also, for some particular kind of functionalities of human bodies.

AI Diet Consultant Modules

Given are the modules for the android artificial intelligence diet consultant system is:
1.) User Module: In this module, the user have to login and make account and afterwards can enter his/her personal details in order to get advice from the android dietitian. User can also add certain symptoms about their health, if they have any, in order to get perfect solution.
2.) Admin Module: Here, the admin will work, which takes care of submitting all the information related to diet for the users.
3.) Doctor Module: Here, doctors can personally give advice to the users for the sake of some extra care. This information will displayed on the content area of the application, either if personal then in user’s account or else in an open area.
4.) Database Module: In this module, all the details and information will be saved and a record is being here.

Technologies Used

  • Java
  • Android
  • SQL
  • Kivy
  • Ms SQL Server

Software Requirements

  • Android SDK
  • Windows XP
  • Java JDK
  • Notepad

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB.
  • RAM – 1 GB.
  • Processor – Dual Core or Above.
  • Mouse.
  • Keyboard.
  • Monitor.
  • Printer.

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