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Hotel Reservation Project using Android 



Hotel Reservation ProjectThis Hotel Reservation Project system is built to book hotel rooms by the users through their Android phones. The users can view and check for the various rooms that is available and can book them through credit card. The user can view the app in an effective GUI. Hence, it is easy for the users to know which are the booked rooms and how many are available for booking.

This Hotel Reservation Project application works on android platform and highly advance interface for interaction between the customer and the hotel staffs and managers. The Hotel Reservation Project application is designed using advance java and hibernate programming language and database work is done using sql management.

Existing System

Existing Hotel Reservation Project system has many flaws. When a customer wants to reserve any hotel room, then he/she have to either go to the hotel itself or else user need to find any website which can book hotel room for them. Sometimes, due to lost of internet connection, hotel rooms won’t get reserved for the customer and atlast when they reach to th hotel, they will end up facing lots of problems.

Existing Hotel Reservation Project does not give any guarantee to reserve rooms for the customers and also takes a lot of time and efforts to book rooms.

Proposed System

Proposed Hotel Reservation Project system need to be installed into the user’s smartphone and then users can book the rooms according to their preference. The system provides an online receipt to the user after the online payment is made. The system also provides the user with additional facilities like Jacuzzi, swimming, meals and extra bed along with the additional charges.

Once the user makes the payment, the Hotel Reservation Project system generates the receipt and a copy is sent to the users email id. The system immediately reports the about the payment details to the admin. The system calculates the total cost on booking the services. Once the user makes the payment, system will provide online receipt to the user.

Hotel Reservation Project Modules

Given are the modules for Hotel reservation android system:

1.) User Module: Customers can make their account in this module and register themselves. Afterwards, they can access to all the rates and other details related to any hotel they wish to stay.
2.) Hotel Module: All the details related to hotels such as their locations, their rates, their facilities, and special service they provide and so on are maintained in this module.
3.) Payment Module: When the customer wish to pay online, then this module is being activated and customer can easily pay as much as they can via this module.
4.) Admin Module: All the data such as customers details and hotels detail are maintained by admin. Also uploading of all the new information is also done by the administration module.

Technologies Used

  • Java Core
  • Java Advanced
  • Hibernate
  • SQL
  • Kivy
  • SQL Server

Software Requirements

  • Andorid SDK
  • Windows XP
  • Java JDK

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 4 GB.
  • RAM – 2 GB.
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Processor – Dual Core or Above.
  • Printer
  • Monitor
  • Mouse

Download Project

Download Abstract Project Abstract Download

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