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Voting System Project using Android


Voting System Project

The Voting System Project system is an application which is a new process of casting votes from any place and at any time. The proposed Voting System Project system is a flexible means of casting the votes irrespective of the place and time of the day.

This technique is best suited for the modern day organizations where the management can get the opinion of the employees regarding introduction of new policies or rules by taking votes through this system. The vote can be caste by the voter in terms of yes or no and there will be a single chance for each voter. So there are less chances of multiple voting by single voter and hence less chances of manipulation in this system of voting.

Existing System

In existing Voting System Project system, if you wish to vote for someone, then you have to go to the destination where the voting procedure is going on and then only you can vote for him or her.

Voting System Project system does not provide people the way in which they can get the details about the nominees as well. They can’t get to know the history of the people for whom they are standing in queue for giving their votes.

Proposed System

Proposed Voting System Project system is highly automated and greatly technical. In this system, not even you can vote via sitting at your own place but also you can learn about laws and regulations related to voting. Also not only this but you can access the profile of the nominees through which you can learn about their history, their education, their personal details and so on.

Voting System Project Modules

Givens are the modules for Voting System project:

  1. Voter Module: In this module, user who is going to give his or her vote have to make his or her account in order to get access to the voting system and into the modules which contains details about the nominees.
  2. Nominee Module: This module consist of all the names and details of those people who are standing and fighting for votes in the election. All of their personal and professional details are also displayed into this module.
  3. Booklet Module: This modules contains all the information about the rules and procedures to follow while voting. All the laws available are also displayed into this module.
  4. Voting Module: In this module, all the process related to voting and votes are given into this module. Voters can access to this module via their personal account only.

Technologies Used

  • Java Core
  • Kivy
  • SQL Server

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB.
  • RAM – 2 GB.
  • Processor – Dual Core.
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor

Software Requirements

  • Netbeans
  • Notepad
  • Android SDK
  • Windows XP or Higher
  • JDK

Download Project

Download Abstract Project Abstract Download

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