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The main purpose of this Cargo Express Courier project is to build a system which will help the enterprise in image-based data entry system for transport goods by suitable means of a transportation system. This system will help to keep the records of various things such as worker details, products bills, clients information, items list, details of shipments and consignments.

Cargo Express Courier Project

This Cargo Express Courier system will provide a secure way to keep the records and if a person wants to know the details of any delivery then he/she can check from anywhere. The person only needs a user Id and password provided by the admin of the system. This system will simplify the transportation system and will help in tracking the shipments. This will be an internet based system which will be used by the various enterprise to manage and keep the records of work carried out at the courier facility. It will show the image of the product on the screen if available when Id and password are entered. The courier facility will be available in the entire country and the goods will be sent by appropriate vehicle depending upon the size and the type of the product. This type of Cargo Express Courier system may be some more expensive than other but at the same time, it will be more reliable.

Existing System

The present system won’t allow the complete access of the system. As it will only show some limited amount of information. In the existing system even though the data is stored on the computerized machine but it is not fully working on the online basis, the user can’t even view their own product details. The Cargo Express Courier will maintain one database for one user so to know the details of any user will take some time as he/she need to search for details.

Proposed System

The proposed system will be fully based on online so it will provide a centralized basis of accessing the data. It will automate the complete operation on the courier site and will provide detailed information on shipments.

Cargo Express Courier Modules

The Cargo Express Courier is divided into two module admin and user, the admin module will have a control to create and delete a user from the system. It will assign the timing of courier on the basis of priority and can cancel the courier if there are some problem. The admin will provide user Id to each user and can ban from the system anytime. It will decide the price of the courier, view the details of each courier and will maintain the staff. While from the user module a client can send or accept the goods and can track all the details regarding the product.

System Requirements

The software requirements are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JAVA, Eclipse, JDBC, Oracle. The hardware requirements are hard disk 40 GB, Pentium 4 Processor, 512 MB RAM.

Cargo Express Courier Download

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