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Multi Banking System Project


Multi Banking System

Project Objective

The purpose of this Banking System Project is to build a system which will integrate many bank account to the single software-based system. It will provide an easy and fast way to access all the bank through a single interface. By using this system a person who has different accounts in the respective bank or other banks can log in the multi-banking system and can access to their bank accounts. So this system will provide a structure which will link all the bank of a person into one place.

Existing System

In the existing Banking System Project system, there is no such system is present who provide such interface, a person can access to their bank account by online or offline but can’t access through a single interface. So a customer needs to remember the details of each bank.

Proposed System

While the proposed system will provide an integrated system to the client so that he/she can do banking from a single place. This system will also store and maintain details of each bank so that a person need not remember. The multi Banking System Project system can be used by an industry to maintain and to provide the salary of different workers from the different account through a single system. This system consists of four major module.

Multi Banking System Project Modules

The first module contains bank module, through this bank can view and maintain the details of the customer. They can also check the bank type of the customer like it is saving or current account. They can view the information like transaction details. The second type of module is the customer module, this module will provide all the details of the customer such as all the bank accounts numbers, address, name. This also provides features such as transfer of money from one bank account to other, creating the new accounts where a user will feed the details new bank and will provide the account number of the respective bank. Delete of a bank account if the account is closed. While a person can view all the information of different banks.

He/she can view the details such as the transaction of the amount from one bank to another bank, the pending transaction and accepted/rejected the transaction. The third module consists of admin module which has a control of adding or rejecting a new person or bank to the system. The fourth module is the report module which can be accessed by the admin that the number of people is in the system and the different banks that are connected to the system.

System Requirements

The software required for this system to work is windows system, JAVA, oracle, Tomcat, CSS, HTML, Java Script. While the hardware requirements are Pentium 4 processor, RAM 512 MB, 20 GB hard disk.

Project Download

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