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The main objective of this SQL Workbench project is to build a software which can run in any system such as windows, Linux. To operate SQL workbench a user only needs to have JDBC on their system and it can be run on any place where java runs. The SQL database behaves like a general database which can connect to any database and can do required operation on it.

The SQL will be very easy to use as it provides the user-friendly environment. It will execute any work and can demonstrate the outcome in the same window. It makes various associations with different databases, executed set of operations, can be spared in a SQL record and can be later recovered and run. Which is useful if the task continues. In order to speed up the work, the SQL Workbench software will run each database on the different thread so that each database can operate at the same time. It will provide some option which will show all the database a user is connected. The software will provide the bunch of tools for control and edit to the database.

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Existing System

In the present SQL Workbench system, there are different software for the different type of work so a user will feel uneasy to use another database as he knows the console of some database previously, and the user needs to learn new database for different work. The user needs to rewrite the code manually on the system which is nothing but the waste of time and frustrating, and if a user wants to edit some previous written statement then some of the console not provide the edit options to document. After writing the statement in database user need to connect the each database to a single system and for that it needs to install the client based server on the system. If a user cannot use client-server then it needs to do some more work such as using the correct database drivers, describing the URL, describing statement should be visible or should not visible.

Proposed System

While in the proposed SQL Workbench system it works as a single workbench. Here the user can work from a single system and can connect to the different server at same time. While for creating the connection to a different database a user need to enter the required information only once.This kind of SQL Workbench software is essentially valuable for Project Managers, Project Leaders and the client who associates and works with various databases.

System Requirements

The hardware is used in these are Pentium 1GHz, 256MB RAM, 40GB, 52X, SVGA. And the software is any database, MS word 2000, SAX Parser, J2SE, JFC- Awing and XML.

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