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The main aim of a diamond shipping system is to make the cargo service internet based so that it will be easy to use a cargo system for shipping the diamond. This system will try to reduce the time to search a cargo vehicle by providing overall information at a place. The Shipping System project will make the shipping information secure while provides the status of the object that has shipped. Hence it will try to make the better relation between shipping service provider and a customer.

Existing system

In the existing Shipping System, the time required to search a suitable cargo for shipment of items is high, while there is one major problem of untimely arriving of many cargoes at the hub, which further increases the time of loading, unloading which takes approx one-third of the total shipment time. The custom is one more problem by which each cargo suffers. The security is also one of the concern as the details of the shipment can access by another person, in the case of diamond, it can be harmful.

Proposed system

The diamond Shipping System will provide a function to search the suitable cargo from the system the user can view the cost, the capability of items to be shipped and time that a cargo will take to ship the items. The Shipping System will provide online custom payment so when the cargo will reach the hub they won’t need to spend time on custom. This will manage the details as a list to provide a better view of each item and will manage the information online so that they can be accessed from anywhere. It will provide the current status of the cargo and will give estimate time of cargo to reach the destination.


Diamond Shipping System Shipping System LOGIN

Shipping System Modules

There are different modules which are involved in the Shipping System, these are:

Visitor interface
This module allows a user to do the registration and will connect to the system, It contains information regarding the cargo.

User interface
It will give the access to existing users, the user of this module can manage the information relating to them while through this they can search for an item and can add to their wish list. The user will be provided with the option to cancel so whenever they want to cancel they can do it by the system.

From this module, the user can book the items and can get the information about the customer code.

The user can track the cargo from this module ad will get the information if some problem will occur.

Software requirement

  • JAVA 1.3
  • JSP
  • EJB
  • XML
  • HTML
  • Weblogic 7.0

Hardware requirement

  • Intel Pentium 3 with 550 MHz or higher
  • Hard disk 20GB
  • RAM 512 MB
  • Zip drive or CD-drive

Download Project

Download Abstracts Project Abstract
Download Source Code Project Source Code
Download Database Project Database

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