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This Channel management System project is based on the web and will be used in an organization for maintaining the information of workers and customers relating to any product of the company. This system will provide each information of product, dealers and the customers of the organization. The main feature of this product is to make a group of various products and provide detailed information about the usage of the product, give instruction to the dealers and will notify about any update to the product.

Existing system

In the present Channel management System to know the status of any product is not an easy process and require a high amount of time and if an organization want to do a survey about any product, they have to do it manually. The survey won’t provide the exact information as it has done in some particular area and does not cover the entire area and an only few people participate in the survey. The data is to be maintained in any organization is not safe as anyone can change the information. Also, the time and the number of people required to maintain the information is huge.

Proposed system

In the proposed Channel management System the maintenance of the data of an organization will become automated which will reduce the problem present in the existing system. This Channel management System will provide a better connection between an organization and its customers. The customers can raise a complaint from the system and can check the status of that complaint.rough this project an organization will give instruction about the use of their product and will inform about any updates such as launch events, new product detail. The organization will keep records of distribution of each product. The Channel management System can be accessed by those who has a password and Id and will keep the details of each login to enhance the security of the system.


add employee Channel management System

Channel management System Modules

The product contains mainly two modules:


The chairman or CEO of an organization will be the admin of the system and can access to all the details of the system such as user information, production etc. The admin can add or delete any user from the system and will have an option by which admin can talk to a particular user or to every user at a time.

The user of the system will be the customers of the organization and they have access to the options which are product detail, instruction to use the product, can send messages to admin, raise a complaint about a product. The user will need a user Id and a password to access the system.

Software requirement

  • Operating system : Windows system
  • Front end : AWB Web menus
  • Back end : Oracle 10g
  • Server side programming : JSP
  • Scripting language : Java Script
  • Web server : Apache Tomcat 5.0

Hardware requirement

  • Processor : Pentium 4
  • Ram : 128 MB
  • Hard disk : 20GB

Download Project

Download Abstract Project Abstract
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