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The computers have become very important part of any organization and it is available everywhere and in each organization. That’s why we are developing a software which can be used by the organization for auditing. As it will increase the speed of the auditing by maintaining the accuracy of the system. Audit Processing System will be capable of maintaining the audit of loss and profit of each month just by entering the input data in it. The organization will not need to install the software into the system because it will be based on the internet.

Existing system

As an organization has many branches maintaining the audit in the excel sheet is a very tedious process. Sometimes there is a need to send the audit to the different branches at this time there is a possibility of loss of information in the audit. While one of the problems in maintaining the data in excel that it is difficult to separate the data regarding the constraint in the organization. For example, if anyone wants to audit the feeders in any separate area, then he/she need to make a different excel sheet as there are no database in which he/she can store all the information.

Proposed system

As the computer and the internet are in every place so we are developing a software which will make the full system computerized. Audit Processing System will store the substation details and according to that, it will calculate the loss percentage and by auditing which we can remove the loss within the substation. The Audit Processing System will store all the information of audit of feeder means the area, month it will be easy to make and view the audit with respect to different constraint, while the Audit Processing System is web based it can be accessed from anywhere. The functions described above of proposed the system will make the system easy, fast and provide the user to access the system according to them.

Audit Processing System Snapshot

Energy Audit Processing
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Energy Audit Processing System

Audit Processing System Module

The module is primarily divided into three categories.

  • Designing of the table
  • Calculation of tables
  • Report generation

Design of the table
This module will use the different constraint of audit information and according to that will make the table so it will be easy to use them. The name of the tables is substation, feeder, transformer, area.

Calculation of tables
This module will use the input details to provide the output such as the percentage loss.

Report generation
This will be used to make a report of an audit of the entire month.

Software requirement

  • Operating system : windows Xp
  • Front End : J2SDK 1.4.0
  • Back End : Oracle 8i
  • Server : Apache Tomcat 4.1

Hardware requirement

  • Processor : Pentium 233Hz
  • Ram : 256MB
  • Cache Memory : 1024KB
  • Monitor : VGA Color
  • Hard disk : 10GB
  • Keyboard : 104 Key
  • Mouse : optical
  • Printer : Deskjet 670c

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Audit Processing System Report Project Report

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