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The Enterprise Fleet Management System is a very profitable business but sometimes it can be risky as well. The enterprise needs someone who can transport their goods to another place with safety and on time. ┬áIf the goods won’t reach at the time then the business can be lost as the enterprise will not give the transport management to him again.

Enterprise Fleet Management System

A good Enterprise Fleet Management System between the customer, transport person and enterprise will provide the smooth transportation of any items. So our enterprise fleet management system will make the overall work flawless and will provide higher profit to the system. This system will manage the automobile from the starting to end of the transportation. So it will increase the profit by decreasing the time required and the cost needed by the system. The fleet management system will combine transportation, execution, and planning. This will enhance the efficiency of the overall system by empowers more extensive supply.

Existing System

In the present time, the system is available works with the manual process that is on the paper. The transportation information is noted down on the paper each time which is a very tedious process as to maintain these many registers each day. As the enterprise will extend it becomes harder to maintain. So there is a need of a computer based system which can maintain all these things with ease. The Enterprise Fleet Management System will reduce the overall complexity in it and will provide a great solution. The software will monitor on the problem with the system and will provide coordination among all the tasks. It will provide automatic bill generation, storing the system information and providing the solution in case of emergency. While the Enterprise Fleet Management System will not only monitor the vehicles on the system but can be used for some other purpose such as maintain the salary information of staff, quantity of goods transported, and the cost expense of transportation.

Enterprise Fleet Management System Modules

The Enterprise Fleet Management System will need two basic module in order to run fluently one is administrative and other is a user, in the administrative module, the transport manager will have an access. The transport agent can track the automobile and can maintain the various other work such as the number of staff is working, Which vehicle will be sent next and the timetable of each work. While the user module can view the status of the goods. They can contact the client directly through the system and when there is some problem the transportation can be canceled from the system itself. While to devolve this type of system the software requirements are windows system, James server, log files and

System Requirements

Hardware requirements are Intel 2.0GHz, RAM 512 MB, Hard disk 20 GB, VGA.

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