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The main aim of this project is to develop a communication system which will work in a similar way as the conference on a telephone, where one person will say and other listen. But while in phone conference the cost is more, the global communication media will provide low-cost communication around the world.

Global Communication Media

This Global Communication system can be used by persons from the same organization, as the organization has their branch in the different location so they face problem on contacting to them and sending the information at a time to all the branch. Through this Global Communication system they can do an online meeting, conference, business undertaking of organization and colleagues can get instructions from the higher authorities. In the present time if an organization want to conduct a conference then they need to book a hall or they will conduct in their conference hall. But some organization has their branch in all over the country or in the entire world. So for the conference the worker from the organization come to attend the conference which can be very risky as today at so many place strikes are going on and also it is a time-consuming process.

The conference can be setup by using LAN but again it will increase the chance of malicious activities in the system. Even though security is enhanced the setup of LAN connection is not an easy process. There is some software are present who give similar control but they are very expensive to use. Through the global communication system, an organization can conduct conference, meetings, and provide the future update. The system can be used for sale and purchase the products, This Global Communication product will maintain information of all workers and clients and will notify about any update. The global communication system will be useful for anyone who conducts conference as it reduces time and cost of both the management and the receiver.

Global Communication Modules

This Global Communication software work on two modules admin and client. In the admin module, a person will have control to edit or delete any user from the system. The admin can conduct conference, start meetings, view details, send updates, change schedule. The admin will be directors, chairman of an organization. While in the client module a user can accesses to the system if they have unique ID and password provided by the admin, and the user can attend conference, meeting. The client can send the private message to the admin related to purchase, sell, and provide updates on the day to day work of an organization.

System Requirements

In order to build such system, the software requirements are windows, ORACAL, Tomcat 5.0, JavaScript, JDBC, JSP, J2SDK 1.4.2. while the hardware requirements are Pentium 4, 512 MB RAM, 20 GB hard disk.

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