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The main aim of this Help Desk System is to develop a software which can provide the solution for all problem send by the workers of an organization. This Help Desk System will also track the issues raised by the employee so they can check whether their problem is solved or not. It will provide the user a standard system in which they can raise any problem in an organization and find the solution which has already has happened. The intention is to make a software which will give an option to colleagues to raise any problem in the system. The problem will be sent by message or email to the HR person.

Help Desk System

The problems which can be raised are budget, allowance, assets, plea, contract, co-workers related issue, guidance, improvements, jobs etc. This type of Help Desk System will reduce the work in the HR department and will help in accessing the details regarding the problem in any organization and it will also help in the future problem.

Existing System

In the present time, the tracking of any issue is not an easy process as some need to write down each and every problem on paper. The HR person will first divide the problem into the different category based on the department or type of problem. To create new details in the system through manual process is a very tedious process as one need to write it and then maintain the information, to update the details, and hence the sending or receiving a single information a person need to do taught work which also a time-consuming process. In manual help desk system, there is a lot of probability of errors.

While in the proposed Help Desk System all the data is given to the automatic HR help desk system. At the time of sending itself, it will arrange all the problem according to the department and type of issues raised. It will track the issue so a person who raised the problem can know about that in real time. The creation and updating of details of any new user are very easy and can be done with some clicks of a button.

Help Desk System Modules

This Help Desk System contains several modules to construct user module, HR module, HR head module. In the user module, a person can log into the system to raise the issue and can keep track of the solution. While in the HR module the HR person can view all the query raised by the worker and will try to resolve the issue. The HR head module will act as a super module as it has control to create or delete any user and can look at any problem.

System Requirements

The software requirements are windows system, tomcat 5.5, JSP. The hardware requirements are Pentium 4, 833MHz, 1GB RAM, 40 GB hard disk.

Help Desk System Download

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