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The main aim of this Noble Job Portal System project is to develop internet based software for centralized management of the details of the fresher student and experienced worker, which will help any noble organization to find a candidate by a simple click. This Noble Job Portal System will make a resume of the student and will allow a person to apply for a job who have registered to the software. It will make easy for both who are seeking for a job and one who is searching for a candidate with required qualification and skill.

Existing system

The Noble Job Portal System which is present today work on manual process means a person who is writing resume will make it by using Microsoft word where it need to write each detail, even though there are some preset resume format, but the resume needed differs organization by organization so that person has to waste time by making a resume for each organization. Hence applying for a job through the manual process a person needs to search for jobs by going through different websites and also an organization finds any candidate by going to various processes because there is no centralized database which provides the information.

Proposed system

The Noble Job Portal System which we are developing will provide the user details just by clicking some option and it will solve the majority of problem present in the existing system. It will make a centralized database through which any organization that is registered in the Job Portal System will get information to all registered users with matching skill and education qualification. Whereas it will provide a user to apply a job for any organization as well as he/she can make a resume depending on any organization by just providing the details of his/her to the system.

Job Portal System Snapshot

CHOOSE Job Portal System LOGIN

Job Portal SystemSEARCH FORM

Job Portal SystemModule

This module will give full control to the organization who is maintaining all the information in the system. The administrative organization can add or delete any user or organization from the system. This will also ensure the security of each registered user.

User registration
This module will allow any organization or user to connect to the system, This will give and ID and password for each one by use of which only they can access to the system.

In the resume module, a user can make a resume according to the organization required format by taking some basic details of the user.

Job portal
This module will help both an organization and student for the job. By using this module a user can search for a job while a company can find a worker.

Software requirement

  • Operating system : windows XP
  • Back End : Oracle 9i
  • Front End : JSP
  • Browser : IE7
  • Server : Tomcat 4.1

Hardware requirement

  • CPU : Pentium 4, 1.7GHz
  • Ram : 512 MB
  • Hard disk : 80 GB

Download Project

Download Abstract Project Abstract
Download Source Code Project Code
Download Database Project Database

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