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The main objective of this medical Booking Store system is to take the whole medical store online so that it is reachable to customers 24/7. It also aims at going towards cashless transactions. It will impart a wider visibility to the customers. Thus boosting the business to higher levels. The medical Booking Store will be a web based system with a very user friendly interface which indeed will make the whole management process easy to manage and operate with zero redundancies. Overall online medical booking store will become an efficient, highly responsive and an extremely accurate system.

Existing System

The existing medical Booking Store system is time consuming and requires more man power to function well. Secondly the scope of offline medical store is limited to local area and is available for fixed timing. All the data management involving product availability, searching, billing and other report generation are done manually which indeed are very time consuming.

Proposed System

The proposed medical Booking Store system will completely Revolutionize the industry. Searching of products, order placing, billing and product stock can be maintained by a single click. The order placed can be easily tracked At any time. The payment of the order can also be done by credit cards.


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Medical Booking Store Modules

This medical Booking Store is essentially divides into six modules:

Administrator module: admin has been granted full access with complete permissions towards the system. He is essentially responsible for creating, deleting and modifying any product into the inventory. He has full authority to delete any user account. He can view and send reply to user’s messages. Report generation can be done by admin by selecting a time frame from calendar.

Visitor module: The visitor will be greeted on the home page. He can view about us page and signup/login page. He can navigate around the products but cannot place order.

User module: when a visitor signups for the website, he becomes the user. Now he can not only search around the products but also can place order and do the payment. Change of password and logout are also displayed in this module.

Payment module: payment can also be done by credit cards. The software is so designed that it will not remember the credit card credentials.

Shopping cart module: This module offers to add, delete and modify the products in the cart. After this shopping cart module will be redirected towards payment module.

Discussion Board module: Here communication follows between users and administrator. A user can send messages or complaints to admin and admin sends replies to users.

Hardware Configuration

  • Operating System windows
  • Modem 33.6 kbps
  • Hard disk 40 GB
  • RAM 512 MB (server) and 256 MB(client)
  • Processor. 2.77 GHz Pentium 4

Software requirements

  • SoftwareJDK 1.4 J2EE Enterprise edition
  • Database Oracle
  • Web server Web Logic 7.0
  • database connectivity. JDBC/ODBC
  • Programming Language. Java

Download Project

Download Abstract Project Abstract
Download Code Project Source Code
Download Database Project Database

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