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The system will aim to develop a Tenders Management System by use of which anyone can know the information on available tenders. The system will be based on the web so the customers who want to know the details of the tenders need to register with the system and then they can access the information. The Tenders Management System manages the information of the clients and their tender reports in the system so that it will notify about the new tender related to previews tender. The system will also provide security of the details as it will not allow any other person to access the same details.

Existing system

In the existing Tenders Management System, the process is manual that is the department will first advertise about the tender in the newspaper, a contractor who is interested in the tender need to read the newspaper daily for information. Then the interested person will go in the specific department and will get the application form by paying the money. Now they need to fill and send it to the department by post. As all this is nothing but the waste of time and money while the tender and also be replaced in between the process and hence it does not provide any security.

Proposed system

In the proposed Tenders Management System all the activity will happen through the software which will be a web-based system. The user can get the available tender by accessing through the system. In order to access the system, they need to register with the system. At the time of registration, they will provide with a user Id and password. The interested user can also pay online and download the form through the internet. Or can fill directly on the web so there will be no need to send the tender by post. The user will also get the notification about any new tender through the system. As all the work is happening from the system the information will be secure as no other person will have access to the system.

Tenders Management System Snapshots

admin login home page

Tenders Management System add admin

Tenders Management System Module

This module will manage all the major information of the client and another module. The information is like employee, supplier, items etc.

The employee will design the tender to be published, it will prepare each information and will check the status of the tender so if there are some changes require they will do it.

Purchase department
This will collect the tender from the different department and then they will publish the designed tender to the public.

The supplier will be the person who will bid for the published tender and will monitor the status of tender through this module.

Software requirement

  • Operating system : windows XP
  • Front end : J2EE
  • Back end : Oracle

Hardware requirement

  • Processor : Pentium 3
  • Hard disk : 40GB
  • Ram : 128MB
  • Peripherals : Microsoft compatible 101 or more key Board

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