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The main objective of this Tele Dormitory System project is to build a web based system which will maintain the data in the system. It will maintain the data on the centralized basis so that access of data from any place will be easy and the system will manage data effectively. As the Tele Dormitory System is internet based it will be easy to find any data in the software and do all the action on it. The user can access the system by using the Id and password provided to his/her.

Existing system

In the present Tele Dormitory System customers and telephone connections, information is kept by use of manual processes. The information will be maintained in the ledgers which are not an easy process as there may be a chance of mismanagement in the documents. As the data is stored manually in the files there are difficulties in making the reports of the work. In the manual process of storing the data, there may be a loss of data as there are no other records which will help in retrieving the data and if it is available then this will take a huge amount of time.

Proposed system

In the tele dormitory system, it will manage all the information of the user and will provide an easy way through which a user can access the details regarding the connection. The user will need an ID and password for the access to their connection details. The Tele Dormitory System will provide a function through which user can apply for connection, upgrade the plane, stop the connection. The Tele Dormitory System will provide an effective way to maintain the information with reduced amount of time.

Tele Dormitory System Snapshot

home page login pages

registration page Tele Dormitory System

Tele Dormitory System Module

Administrative module
In the administrative module, the organization will have access to information of all users, it will give option through which an administrator will generate and provide a user ID to the customer while an administrator can delete the user from the system.

Customer module
Through it a user can apply online for connection for home as well as for office purpose, the connection can be permanent or temporary. A user can transfer their connection to the other while he/she can also apply for the cancelation of a connection.

Inquiry module
This module provides options which will be used for registering the complaints of the connection. It has a function by using which a customer can ask for owner based on a particular number, inquire about the bill, ask to change the number.

Report module
The report module provides functions to generate a report based on the request from customers, connection etc.

Software requirement

  • Operating system : windows
  • Technology : Java and J2EE
  • Web technology : Html, JavaScript, CSS
  • IDE : My Eclipse
  • Web server : Tomcat
  • Database : Oracle
  • Java version : J2SDK 1.5

Hardware requirement

  • Hardware : 20 GB
  • RAM : 1GB
  • Processor : Pentium 4, 1.7 GHz

Download Project

Download Abstract  Project Abstract
Download Source Code Project Code
Download Database Project Database

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