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This Vehicle Identification System objective is to increase the efficiency in identification of any vehicle and owner details. In the given system all the information of vehicles will be maintained at an internet based system from which anyone can check the details regarding any vehicle so that it will be easy to use that data. The Vehicle Identification System will allow a person to find the information of any vehicle such as model number, efficiency, cost, mileage etc. This will be used by various attributes such as police, insurance company, service provider, a user who want to buy a new or second-hand vehicle.

Vehicle Identification System

Existing system

In the present Vehicle Identification System if a customer wants to know the details of any vehicle then he/she need to go the concerned office and ask for details, while they get only limited information about definite vehicles. For insurance on any vehicle, a person needs to fill the form manually and should bring all the details regarding the vehicle. An insurance company will maintain the information manually and tracking of a vehicle with such system is a tedious process. For police to find the information of the vehicle’s original owner they need to check various documents of vehicles.

Proposed system

The Vehicle Identification System will be helpful for various people and organization such as a police can identify the vehicle and the owner in no time which will reduce theft of vehicles, an insurance company can track the vehicle while the vehicle workshop will provide better services and a customer can get information of the vehicle in no time, so this Vehicle Identification System will be beneficial for most of them. While it will also help for those who want to buy a second-hand vehicle by contacting the owner through the system.

Vehicle Identification System Modules

Administrative module

By this administrator of the Vehicle Identification System can give access to any person or organization by providing them with some user Id. This will have access to deny for providing the information to anyone.

User module

Through this module anyone can access the details of any vehicle by entering the user Id into the system, while this module contains several other modules according to the use. These modules are

  • Workshop module: It will contain registration details with other service information about the vehicle.
  • Customer module: this module will provide information to the owner about the vehicle condition and other queries.
  • Insurance module: This will add the information of the vehicle into the system and will track the details.
  • Police module: The module will help police to check all the valid information on the vehicle.

Software requirement

  • Operating system : Windows XP
  • Internet browser : IE7
  • Server : Tomcat
  • Front End : Java
  • Back End : Oracle 8i

Hardware requirement

  • Processor : Pentium 4, 1.7GHz
  • Ram : 512 MB
  • hard disk : 40 GB

Download Project

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