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The main purpose of developing this Attendance Management System software is to make a web-based system to maintain the attendance of employees in the organizations. This Attendance Management System software will generate the report of each employee from different department of the organization at the end of the month. So this will eliminate the traditional way of maintaining the attendance and will provide an easy and efficient way of maintenance. The Attendance Management System will reduce the time taken of the worker required to keep the details of attendance of employees. The attendance will be taken directly on the system on a daily basis.

Existing system

In the present Attendance Management System, the organization records the attendance on the register which will evaluate at the end of the month. The evaluation process is done by the use of a manual process, so the overall system consumes too much time on some simple task like maintenance of attendance and the generation of the reports. The working procedure of the current system is not a user-friendly process, and at the end of the year, there is lots of paper where it ‘s hard to retrieve any information from them. While in the manual process one of the major problems is that there is the huge possibility of error.

Proposed system

In the present Attendance Management System, everything will be computerized so the maintenance of details will become simple. The software will be graphical based which will make the system user-friendly as anyone can use the system by following the options provided in the system. The generation of the reports will become easy as a person can generate by some simple click and as the system is computer-based the generation of the report is possible in the middle of the month. The Attendance Management System will save time as well as the cost of maintaining the attendance.


Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System Module

Administrator module
This leader of the organizations will be the admin of the system. They will allocate an ID and Password to the staffs of the organization and will add or delete any worker from the system. An admin can check the attendance of any staff anytime. The admin will generate the report at the end of the month
Staff module
From this module, each staff will provide the information about their presence in the office and can check the previous reports. The worker will use the system by providing the ID and password they got at from the admin at the time of registration into the system.

Software requirement

  • Operating system : Windows 7 or higher
  • Server : Apache Tomcat
  • Database : MySQL
  • Language : PHP, JAVA

Hardware requirement

  • Processor : 1 GHz processor or above
  • RAM : 512 MB or more
  • Hard Disk : 10 GB or more

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