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This Job Portal System project will help the user to keep the information on the internet, so the access of data becomes easy. The job portal will provide various functions such as managing the vacancies, storing applicant data, maintain the interview time for the applicant and will help to hire the candidates. The Job Portal System will not remove the existing system but will automate most of the parts which are involved in the manual process. The Job Portal System will also help the users to modify the data required by them. This project is able to maintain the data systematically which makes the system effective.

Existing system

The present Job Portal System works on the manual basis, so the information is stored on the sheet of paper. Storing the information in the hard copies increases the workload for maintaining the data while it also increases the time consumption required. The organization faces difficulties in finding the candidate with the required skill for the job while a job seeker has to perform lots of effort to find a job. While in the organization, it requires an extra person to maintain the information related to the candidates, it also a cumbersome process to check the details of each candidate by the HR.

Proposed system

The proposed Job Portal System is internet based so it can be accessed from any place and will be a useful tool to maintain the data related to any person. This Job Portal System Project will keep the data of a job seeker into the system, and when an organization needs the candidate with required skill, it will show the candidate profile to the HR of that organization, Once the candidate will be shortlisted by the organization it will notify about it to the candidate. In that way, it will help both the organization and the job seeker to get the right job with correct skill.


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Job Portal System Module

The Job Portal System will be implemented with the following module
This module will be the main module of the system as it will provide the information of the entire system as well as it will have access to change the details and can remove any user from the system.
User module
This job seeker will use this module through it, they can search for a job, can upload the resume, can edit the information related to them and can apply for a job.
Company module
This module will be used by the organization to find the candidate with the required skill for that they need to enter the details of skill requirements. They can view the details of a candidate with matching skill.

Software requirement

  • Windows based system.
  • PHP
  • Jdk 1.7
  • JDBC
  • Servlets
  • JSP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript

Hardware requirement

  • Intel Processor with at least 1 GHz speed
  • 256MB RAM
  • 200 MB Hard Disk

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