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We want to develop an online e-voting machine system so that the complexity which is there in the present voting system and the cost is associated with it will be reduced. This e-Voting Machine System will help a voter to submit their vote even though they are not in their locality which helps the voter to participate in the voting. This e-Voting Machine System will also be helpful for election commission for counting of votes, and they can check the status of the percentage of votes submitted in any voting booth. This will also improve the security of each vote so which will avoid the illegal polling.

Existing system

The e-Voting Machine System we were using works on the manual method which creates difficulty for a voter to vote. There are many flaws in the current system such as illegal polling, time consumption in counting the votes, paper waste, a person who is out of the village or city due to some work can’t give their vote. While the information of all the voters is maintained in the paper, it is a very difficult task to retrieve the details of each voter and delete the name of a voter who is dead.

Proposed system

This e-Voting Machine System project will reduce the complexity involved in the present system by maintaining the voting process on the web based application. The individual voter can vote for their respective candidate through this system, the machine will then add the votes of that candidate and will keep it on the server. The result of which the time required to count the votes is less. As the data is stored on the server and all the process is based on the internet, it will reduce the paperwork. As to vote a person will need to enter the details like an ID and Password in the system so that the illegal polling can be avoided.

E-Voting Machine System Snapshots

e-Voting Machine System

E-Voting Machine System Module

The system contains following modules
The administrator will have control over all the parts of the system excluding voting. The admin will have control to create any new nominee or can delete it. This will provide the user ID and password to a new nominee.
This module is divided into several sub-modules and these modules are:
The voter can use this module by entering the ID and password provided at the time of registration.
The user will register with the system by providing some basic details to the admin.
Candidate details
By using a user module a voter can know about the candidate to whom they are thinking to submit the vote.

Software specification

  • Operating system : windows based system
  • Database : MySQL DBMS
  • Server : WampServer
  • Programming language : PHP, JAVA

Hardware specification

  • Hard Disk : At least 20 GB
  • Processor : More than 1GHz
  • RAM : 512 MB

Download E-Voting Machine System Project

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