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The main objective of this Online Shopping System project is to make an internet based online shopping store system which provides vendors to make an online shop through which a customer can buy any product. The aim of designing this type of system is to manage the product in any shop and to provide an effective way to sell the product by helping the customers to purchase it without having them in the store. This Online Shopping System can be used by anyone, a small store or a multinational company and as the system is online based it can be used from remote locations.

Existing system

The Online Shopping System which is available requires a customer to visit the shop manual and to choose the items from the shop. As the system requires a manual visit of a person, it consumes time and is not a user-friendly process. The customer who went shopping must know the details of the product which he/she want to buy. Otherwise, it will be difficult to identify the product as there are various similar looking products available. The shop will be out of reach from the distant customers and hence loose the customers.

Proposed system

The Online Shopping System will manage the items on the web and provide products to the customer online without a physically appearance of that customer. The system will contain all the items in one place, so users need not to go to the different shop. As the Online Shopping System is web based so the distant user from the shop can also get the item and the vendor can cover the wide place to sell. A user can choose from the different products, can make online payments and will get the products at the doorstep. This will reduce the time consumption in the purchase of different items, make the system efficient and user-friendly.

Online Shopping System Snapshot

Login Page Online Shopping System


Product PageShopping cart

Online Shopping System Module

The system has following modules:
The administrator will have access to all the functionality of the system. It can access the information of all other users and the product. The administrator will be the owner of the shop. He/she can add or delete any user from the system.
The moderator will be staffed working in the shop, it will be used for managing the order. The moderator will make sure that the order has delivered or not, will inform the admin if any item is not available.
The user will be the customer who will buy the product from the shop. The user needs to register in the system for accessing it.

Software requirement

  • Operating System : Windows based system
  • Back end : My SQL 5.0
  • Server : TOMCAT 5.0
  • Browser : ANY BROWSER

Hardware requirement

  • Processor : Intel Pentium 4
  • RAM : 512 MB
  • Hard Disk : 2 GB

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