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The organization who is hosting the data server for a large number of clients faces the problem with the monitor of the up and down of the server using Remote Server Monitoring System. The problem is more on the night as at that time the number of network engineer is less. When downtime of the server happen the organization should identify and remove the problem but in general, the client reports about the issue with the server when they try to access to the system and due to this the organization can cause the loss of the customer.

Existing system

In the present Remote Server Monitoring System when the server failure happens then the network engineer makes the system working. But at the night time when there is less engineer available organization faces the problem, whereas the problem on the server is identified by the client and not by the organization. Even when the organization knows about the server problem, they have difficulty in removing them as the engineer at first needs to find out about the bad server. Whereas the problem can be temporarily, but it can occur multiple time because of this the engineer will face difficulty in the finding of the fault in the server.

Proposed system

The proposed Remote Server Monitoring System will help the engineers about the server which is not working by providing them the details of the fault server. This Remote Server Monitoring System will monitor each server of the organization by sending a message to the servers. Then the server will respond to that message within the specified time, but if the server does not respond, then the system will send a notification to the admin. The notification will contain the information about the servers such that the time of failure, which server was/is not working.

Remote Server Monitoring System Snapshot

Admin login page Notification page registration page SMS based Remote Server Monitoring System

Remote Server Monitoring System Module

The Remote Server Monitoring System contains various models to work. These modules are:
Admin login:This module will be used by the admin to get access to the system. The admin will need to provide ID and password in the system.
Admin organisation:Through this module, the company can assign and arrange the admin.
User:By using this module admin can arrange the user and the admin can add any user to the system.
Server:Through this module, the admin will get the details about each server present on the server.
Notification:From this module, the user will get notified about the failure of a server. The notification will be in the form of a message, and it will contain the details about the failed server.

Hardware requirement

  • Hard disk : Minimum 20GB
  • RAM : 1 GB or more.
  • Processor : Intel Pentium 4 or higher

Software requirement

  • Operating system : Windows XP or Windows Vista.
  • Database : MS-SQL Server 2005
  • Technologies : ASP .NET with C# .NET
  • IDE : MS-Visual Studio .NET 2008
  • Browser : IE 6 or Mozilla Firefox.

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