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The aim of the account payable system is to integrate all the account details into one and track the information of the unpaid money of vendor and distributor. This project will help the user to get maximum use of money of other person and minimum effort to maintain the official account payable function. This project will also have the option of split circulation of invoice whenever require. It will also provide complete audit trial. This project will manage entire cash flow and will update the information of due amount each day.

Account Payable System

Existing system

A user has to maintain the information about owed money in the book. The person has to check the details of each manually, and the manual checking process is not secure. The current system has limited options and does not provide notification of unpaid vendor or distributor. The user has to check the deliveries of invoice manually. A person has to spend the time to track the activity dates, check the wide range of accounts of vendors. The number of checking account that current system can accommodate is limited.

Proposed system

The Account Payable system will generate the reports of payable account and will provide complete information of payable vendor account. This project will have the feature of inter company accounting which will bring the balance in general ledger of different branches of the same company. The user can do an online query of any vendor such that a user can view the exact details of a provider by providing necessary information of vendor. This application will also allow multi-company processing. The project is capable of accommodating unlimited checking account. This software can process multiple types of currency. The account payable system will maintain the cash flow and provide complete details of suppliers, invoices, payments, outstanding debts, received goods and other information.

Account Payable System Modules

Multiple checking accounts: The will allow a user to maintain the different account for different expenditure even though the user do not have multiple bank account.
Payment discount: This module will calculate the discount for the person who paid before the due date.
Retain age calculation and track: This module will help to calculate the retain age and will keep track of related information.
Aging categories: The aging categories module will provide a report of the due amount in each seven days or a month based on the aging categories.
Void a check: this module will correct the error by reversing the accounting details and reprint the check as desired.
Electronic funds transfer: This will provide an option to pay the vendors through the Internet.

Hardware specification

  • Hard disk space: minimum 10 GB
  • RAM: Minimum 256 MB
  • Processor: Pentium 4 with minimum 1.6 GHz

Software specification

  • Operating system: Windows XP with SP2 or above.
  • Front End: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
  • Back End: ASP .NET with C# .NET
  • Database: Microsoft SQL server 2005.

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